Everything I Wore In September 2019

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Hey ladies! This month was outfit heavy, but I documented it all and here we are. This post took me forever to get together, so I hope you find it helpful. The two outfits below were worn to dinner at my favorite sushi spot.

Top: Shirt // Skirt // Belt // Shoes // Bag // Necklace
Bottom: Top // Short // Sandals // Bag // Necklace

These next two are travel outfits, they were so comfortable which is always my goal when getting on a long flight.

Top: Necklace // Bodysuit // Pants // Sandals // Bag // Backpack // Jacket
Bottom: Dress // Bag // Backpack // Sandals

Fall is here and I did end up doing a little closet cleaning. I let go of mostly tops, mostly because of fit and some I just wasn’t wearing them. So this is a good time to review all the Summer pieces that you didn’t wear and figure out why.

I wore this dress all, on my way to dinner I swapped the plaid shirt with a denim jacket and a cuter bag.

Top: Jacket // Dress // Bag // Sneakers // Necklace
Bottom: Shirt // Dress // Backpack // Sneakers // Necklace

These are the dressiest outfits I wore this month. The black dress was for a night out in LA. The red dress one was my Birthday outfit, and the slip dress was for a brunch event.

One: Dress // Hoops // Bag // Sneakers
Two: Dress // Necklace // Wedges // Bag
Three: Outfit HERE – Dress is by Silk Laundry

The three below are for respectively walking around Santa Monica, driving from LA to Carmel and to visit Point Lobos.

One: Bodysuit // Shorts // Sandals // Backpack // Belt
Two: T-Shirt // Shorts // Sandals // Backpack
Three: Outfit HERE

This oversized denim jacket was a birthday present and I love it. I’ve wanted an oversize denim jacket for a while and I wore it to death during this trip.

Top: Jacket // Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Backpack
Bottom: Jacket // Bodysuit // Jeans // Shoes // Backpack

Looking at this month round up and I realized that I could definitely streamlined my closet even more. A great pair of jeans, bodysuits, button downs, classic dresses, jackets and some cute shoes are all I need. Now I really want to create a mini Fall wardrobe capsule. These posts are usually time consuming so we’ll see.

Top: Bodysuit // Jeans // Belt // Sneakers // Backpack (Olive Backpack)
Bottom: Jacket // Bodysuit // Jeans // Backpack // Sneakers

Have a great day and thank you for reading.

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