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Happy Birthday to me!I think it’s a sign that my favorite blogging day falls on my birthday. I’m joining Steph and Jana to their book link-up. So make sure to check them out to find more books. I posted my first book review on May 2018, so I’ve been doing these posts for over a year. They are still my favorites and I hope they bring you joy. Now let’s get to it.

Very Nice: Rachel is 19 and in love with her writing professor Zahid, that she had a fling with. At the beginning of Summer, she agrees to watch his dog while he goes back home to Pakistan. Zahid comes back early with no place to live for the Summer, he has a sublet that is no mood to share the place. He goes to Connecticut to get his dog from Rachel and agrees to stay there with Rachel and her mom Becca. Things get weird pretty quickly as Zahid and Becca seem to be getting close. Basically every character in this book needs therapy, they are all selfish, terrible and amusing. This book was hilarious to me, the perfect light read. Verdict: 4 Stars

When We Believed In Mermaids: Kit is an ER doctor in Santa Cruz, while watching the news report of a fire in a nightclub in New Zealand during a late shift, she sees her sister Josie in the background. Josie died years ago in a terrorist attack in Paris. She tried to move on, but her mom saw the news snippet as well and is asking Kit to go look for her sister. The trip ends up changing Kit’s life, she finds love, her sister, a new family and lots of drama in between. I looooved this book. Verdict: 4.5 Stars

Nine Perfect Strangers: 9 strangers go to a retreat, each of them is going through different challenges. The retreat is well a bit unconventional, and the participants are growing suspicious of the leader of the retreat, Marsha. The retreat is slowly turning into nightmare and they are not sure if Marsha is insane or if this is all part of her master plan. This book starts slow but once you get hooked, it is such a ‘shitshow’. It made me laugh and say WTF several times. It was a fun read. Verdict: 4 Stars

What Alice Forgot: I picked up another one by Liane and it did not disappoint. Alice faints during a spin class and hits her head. She is rushed to the hospital, physically she’s fine but she thinks she 29 when she’s actually 39. She forgot the past 10 years and cannot believe how much she’s changed, most of all her relationships with her sister and husband are not what she expected. She doesn’t recognize her three kids and has no idea who her dead best friend Gina is. As she navigates this new life, she sees how she became someone that wasn’t all that nice. The ending was so satisfying. Verdict: 4 Stars

100 Day of Sunlight: Tessa is involved in a major car accident and temporarily loses her sight. She is beyond sad and frustrated. Weston hears of Tessa and volunteers to help her. She is reticent at first, but his perseverance and good nature eventually charms her. Weston is also hiding something from Tessa and once she gets her sight back he’s not sure how she will feel about him. Weston was such a sweet fictional character. This was given to me by Netgalley for review. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

The Right Swipe: Rhiannon is the brain behind a major dating app. Unlucky in love, she has random hookups. Once, she bended her rules and decided to see one of her conquest again, he stands her up. Seeing him again in a work setting, unsettles her. Can she believe his explanation and trust that he’s a good guy, or will she let her past come in the way of this new relationship. Found this at the library and it was a light and fun audiobook. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Ask Again, Yes: Peter and Kate are neighbors and friends but their parents don’t have the best relationship. While in the 8th grade, something major happens that separates them for a few years. When Peter reaches out to her years later, they end up dating and getting married. But all the resentment between their parents can’t be brushed away easily and they face many challenges. This was a great story and kept me engaged the entire time. Verdict: 4 Stars

Twice in a Blue Moon: Tate and Sam meet while vacationing in London and it’s almost love at first sight. They quickly grew close but their romance unfortunately doesn’t last. Years later, Tate is a big actress. She’s starring in a new movie, the screenwriter is none other than her old love Sam. Let’s just say she is not happy to see him. It was a cute love story but not my favorite from Christina Lauren but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I received this book from netgalley for review. Verdict: 3 Stars

The Night Circus: This book is just enchanting and has 218 chapters so yeah. It is certainly not what I usually go for, but it was beautiful. Celia clearly has magical powers and her dad has her perform in a circus as an illusionist. At an early age, her dad had he join a challenge with an unknown competitor and there’s no way out of it. Verdict: 5 Stars

American Royals: I was so excited for this and it did not disappoint. Imagine after the Revolutionary War, America ended up with a Monarchy. In modern day, Princess Beatrice is being prepped to eventually be the first Queen. The throne used to go to the first born son, now it’s to the first born allowing the first princess to become a Queen. Beatrice is a good girl and takes her job very seriously but doesn’t have much of a personal life. Her younger twin siblings Samantha and Jefferson are the wild ones but Sam gets all the blame. Beatrice feels misunderstood by her sister but so does Sam. I don’t want to give anything away but it was such a fun read and when it ended I was not ready. I’m guessing there will be a sequel and I surely cannot wait for it. Verdict: 4 Stars.

Malcom Gladwell’s new book comes out today and I’ll be listening to it all day long. Happy Reading!

5 Podcasts I'm Loving
A Perfect Outfit - Minimal Chic