A Perfect Outfit - For Work
If You Have A Body, You Need A Bodysuit.
upcoming books I'm looking forward to for Fall 2019 reads

Today I was supposed to do a monthly recap but I really didn’t have much to share. Next week, I will still share everything I wore in August so stay tuned for that.

Lately, I’ve been trying to not focus only on new books. A lot of new books get a lot of hype, and I believe that there’s several oldies that I still need to discover. Today’s post however is not about that, there’s a few books that will be released this Fall that I’m dying to get my hands on.

Don’t You Forget About Me is coming out on September 10th and it sounds like a light entertaining read. After losing her job, the heroine founds her boyfriend in bed with someone else, it sounds pretty juicy to me.

Red At The Bone is coming out on September 17th. It sounds heavier but in a good way. Two very different families are joined by an unexpected pregnancy.

Twenty One Truths About Love is coming out on November 19th. Daniel’s wife his pregnant and he’s struggling financially. I don’t know why but the summary sounds so good and I love the title.

Talking To Strangers out on September 10th, already preordered that one as a big Malcom Gladwell fan.

American Royals, out on September 3rd. The premise is that America has a royal family, sign me up.

It Sounded Better In My Head, coming out April 7th 2020. It’s a YA and sounds like a fun one, Natalie’s parents are getting a divorce and her two best friends got together and she’s not thrilled about it.

Are you looking forward to any upcoming books?

A Perfect Outfit - For Work
If You Have A Body, You Need A Bodysuit.

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