Everything I Wore in July 2019

July 2019 Recap
4 Summer Outfits to Wear Now
What I’m wearing HERE. Exact dress.

You can easily tell what my month was like by looking at these monthly round up post. Indeed I’m having a very low key Summer, I won’t bore you by ranting about the weather. I talked about my Birkenstocks here and this is proof that I’ve been living in them. I’ve been wearing my activewear a lot too but I won’t bore you with these outfits.

I wore exactly one cute going out outfit, I do love these slip dresses because they can easily be dressed down and they are super comfy and lightweight. I’ve made sure to snap a pic with all the outfits I wore even if it’s somewhat dark. It’s been gloomy around here.

  1. tee // skirt // shoes // necklace
  2. shirt // jeans // shoes // necklace

I only wore a couple of work outfits because I’ve mostly been working from home. I can’t remember the last time I purchase office clothing and it’s been great!

I’ve been super casual for the most part and I can say that I’ve been living in my J.Crew graphic tees and their high waist shorts. It’s been nice to dress so simply but I do miss getting a bit more dressed up once in a while. Hopefully, I’ll do better next month.

  1. crop tee // pants // sandals
  2. tee // shorts // bag // sandals
  3. tee // shorts // bag // sandals
  4. crop tee // dress // bag // sandals // necklace
  5. crop tank // pants // sandals
  6. tee // jeans // bag // sandals
  7. crop tee // shorts // sandals

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July 2019 Recap
4 Summer Outfits to Wear Now