Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019
July 2019 Recap

I never thought I’d see the day but here we are, I’ve despised Birkenstock for as long as I can remember. In my defense I was only familiar with the Arizona style, I’m still not fond of that style, it is just too bulky and is not flattering on me.

So I started falling for them when I say the Big Buckle Madrid style, I remember my mom had a similar style sandals growing up and had no idea Birkenstock made so many different styles. Once I decided to pull the trigger on the ones I’m wearing above, they were sold out everywhere. I ended up getting them on this random site but I did go to Dilliards to figure out my exact size. I’m a true US 7.5 normal and the 37 EU fits me perfectly.

I’ve been wearing them non stop so I picked up a black pair in the YAO style that is my second favorite. I got into a lengthy conversation on instagram dm with a reader after I posted about them and learned that you need protect the cork, so I went ahead and got a cork sealer so that they can last me even longer.

They are basically all I’ve been wearing lately, with this heat I’m less inclined to wear close toe shoes, so my slip-on sneakers that are usually my go-tos are on a break. I love that they are comfortable enough to wear on longer walks, so great for traveling and exploring.

If you are into Birks and need a new pair…

Last but not last here’s a pic of me taking them to dinner to my favorite sushi spot.

leopard print slip dress crop tee and big buckle madrid birkenstocks sandals
top // dress // bag // shoes // necklace

Mentioned this on my newsletter and officially doing it here as well. I know it’s been quiet on the blog this past week. I decided to post when I have something I really want to share instead of coming up with a strict blogging schedule. I don’t want to put repetitive content out or post just to post. No worries though my book reviews and outfits round up will always be regulars, as well as the newsletter. So make sure to subscribe for more exclusive content.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019
July 2019 Recap

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