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The Silk Slip Dress
Everything I Wore in June 2019

I am so ready for a long weekend and I’m also taking Friday off to fully enjoy this time off. My newsletter will be out on Sunday, so make sure to subscribe. Today I am joining Anne to her link-up.

I’m currently…

reading, I just finished My Oxford Year, I am having an amazing reading month so I cannot wait for next week’s book review. I’ve seen this book everywhere so I decided to give in and oh it was not what I expected. I won’t ruin it for you just in case you want to read it.

enjoying, So many things! This gel from Miss Jessie’s, I apply it after my a wash or co wash and it enhances my curls perfectly. If you do get it, make sure not to apply too much.

I was apprehensive about watching season 5 of Black Mirror because that show can be so stressful and scary. This season is only 3 episodes and they are all so good. Honestly they are my favorite episodes of black mirror and they were not spooky. So trust me, go watch them.

finding, the best cropped tee. I love high waist jeans and they look great with cropped t-shirt. The black one I’m wearing above is the same one I’m wearing here in white.

saving, with the digit app. I know I mentioned it before but I’ve used it to build my vacation savings and it’s been amazing. So far I’ve paid all my travel expenses using the money I mindlessly saved within the app.

tasting, this sticky cauliflower kung pao and it was amazing with white basmati rice.

Hope you guys have a great fourth of July, I will be doing some pilates then heading to a bbq/pool party. Have fun, be safe and most of all thank you for reading.

The Silk Slip Dress
Everything I Wore in June 2019