Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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Happy Friday or should I say Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Day. I’m not sick of hearing about the sale because I muted most people who won’t shut up about it lol. I’ve shopped the NSale for the past 3 years and honestly this year I only saw one thing I wanted. I love Rails shirts and I’m getting the black and white one, in a previous post I mentioned that’s one thing I had on my wishlist. Rails shirt do run small, so if interested remember to go up a size.

I am really tempted by this J.Crew Leopard bomber, it reminds of my camo bomber I got last year but I live in South Florida and I don’t want to buy anything cold weather related right now.

I noticed a similar version of my current favorite sandals and it comes in a lot more hues. This pair is a very similar style in a few more color options and more affordable. If you are going to shop this sale, I say stay away from the Nordstrom in house brands, they are basically lower quality for the most part and overpriced, this include Zella leggings, you are better off getting your activewear at Gap. This sale is worth it in my opinion to get designer items on sale, like AG jeans, Good American, Vince, Rails and such. You should still be careful because some designer items are created for the sale ONLY, so it kind of sounds like items that are made for factory stores in my opinion, in that case not sure even the sale price is worth it. If winter is pretty hardcore where you live something like a North Face jacket is totally a great buy on sale.

Black Jacket // Leopard Bomber // Leopard Print Dress // Bra // Underwear

I have these Spanx shorts and always use them for dresses, so happy to see them on sale. As well as my favorite faux leather leggings.

I also love to get my favorite bra and undies during this sale but I have enough so I’m skipping that this year.

Vince brought back my favorite slip-on sneakers, I now have 3 pairs and I highly recommend them, I got my first pair during an NSale.

Please don’t over extend yourself and have a strict budget, buying these things now and putting them on a credit card is not worth it. So please shop mindfully. Have a great weekend!

Book Review July 2019
So I Wear Birkenstocks Now