Everything I Wore in May 2019
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Having a color palette is something I started doing almost unconsciously, after decluttering my home and closet, I still felt like I would benefit from having a smaller wardrobe. I always navigate towards the same items so why not just have those. Doing this is scarier because I’m having to let go of items I don’t necessarily dislike. It’s also scary because I will have to wear what I do have more often, I worry I will get bored. That’s silly because I already wear the same items all the time.

My first step is to commit to my color palette. I love neutrals (think white, black, navy, nude/camel/tan, olive green). Grey is a great neutral but I’m honestly no into it, I love it more on others.

I do plan on keeping a few complimentary colors, my favorite are no brainers (blue, pink, yellow and red). Not included above but my favorite prints (stripes, leopard, polka dots and plaid) are not going anywhere. I am also trying my best to keep them within my color palette. Doing this helps when you need to mix and match what you have, I hate having items that doesn’t go with most of what I have.

This also applies to my bag and shoes. I got rid of a few that served the same purpose or for some reason I wasn’t wearing much. This is what I am left with now.

I also want to reduce specialized pieces, meaning those that only serve one function and can only be worn on special occasions, with services like Rent The Runway, I can easily rent these pieces. Furthermore, have clothes that to multiple settings. For example, I love cute camis and I often wear them to got out and to work paired with a cardigan.

I started by trimming down my jeans, I’m down to 10 pairs, now this is not very minimal in my opinion but for me this is huge. I used to have over 30 pairs. I have to do the same with my skirts but that’s a lot harder. I’ve also purged some shoes, back in the days I had over 100 pairs and I’m down to 60, still a lot but much better.

I do have a few things on my wishlist for the year, a new black tee, a black button down too (I love white button downs but I’m tired of them constantly getting stained) and a black and white plaid shirt (like this). I’ve also wanted a silk slip dress forever but they usually either don’t fit me well or are too expensive. I also fell with an Isabel Marant Etoile dress earlier this year, I still think about it months later but at $375 I had to pass. I do however have a google alert set up just in case it pops up on TheRealReal, Poshmark or eBay. I’m in no rush to get these but having a clear list of things I want help me not give in into impulse (it’s on sale) shopping.

I’m also making a real effort to shop for items made ethically and with quality material (think organic cotton, silk, linen). Have to share Jess Ann’s post again if you want to learn about the harmful fabrics in fashion. If you would love to consider having a smaller wardrobe, I plan on sharing more on my progress, what I do buy or get rid off. Also check out A Small Wardrobe, she has a very small wardrobe and always look so cute. I love that she is honest when she do get bored with her wardrobe. That’s part of the reason I don’t want to have a wardrobe as small as hers because I know for a fact I will get bored. I just cannot do the 50 pieces wardrobe, I know myself.

Thought I’d do something a little different today as I don’t have any new outfits to share and I don’t want to take outfit pictures just for the sake of having something new to share. I’m sure I’ll wear something cute worth sharing soon enough. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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Everything I Wore in May 2019
Currently - New Month Reset

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