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Summer in New York
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Hey guys! Summer is here, actually officially Friday. Which means it’s incredibly hot in South Florida and we get a lot of rain. I still love this season because I’m usually a lot more social.

I did this post way back, sharing tips to sale on eBay. I currently have another round of eBay going on after my last decluttering session, just in time for the new season and I did pretty well the first week. The tips I shared in 2014 are still accurate. Now that I know more what I like and actually wear, that’s why I needed to do another round. For example, I had a lot of sunglasses and usually alternate between the same 5 pairs, so I parted ways with the rest. I had three Quay sunglasses and was pleasantly surprised to see that they did really well on eBay. I also let go of a few jeans, shorts, sneakers and bags. This is a reminder that this is a great time reevaluate what you have and need.

Reformation Rou Midi Fit & Flare Dress Red

Earlier this year however I did get a few new stuff, including the dress above. It was sold out but recently came back in all colors. I still love it and plan on taking it with me to San Francisco. It will look cute with my white sneakers, a similar look for less are these adorable Keds.

My main goal this Summer though is to keep the shopping to a minimum and so far so good. That’s why I have not been doing shopping posts, I’m sure like me you all have all the clothes that one could possibly need. Also I often end up buying items because I found them while researching for a post. I don’t want to encourage behaviors that I’m trying to curb myself. I still have a shopping budget but I’m currently saving it for a splurge later this year. I’ve loved my Gucci slides so much that I really want a regular version, not sure if I’ll go through with the purchase, I may change my mind after a couple months.

I’ve been so tempted lately to buy this dress or that bag but I keep reminding myself that this impulse is not good. That’s how I end up with packages coming on a weekly basis before. I’m really trying to break this habit and I don’t want this blog to be about encouraging mindless consumerism. Buying something you really like or need is totally ok but I feel like it shouldn’t be a weekly thing. I’m good with getting one non essential monthly.

I say I wouldn’t give in to any true crime podcast but here we are. I started listening to “To Live and Die in LA” and I am hooked.

I just finished reading The Flatshare, it is the perfect Summer read. Isn’t the cover adorable? I love when a book has a cute cover.

I’m finally catching up to the latest episodes of Patriot Act, still so funny and most of all informative.

If you use an Google services, know that they are tracking you. Your location, photos, calendar, contacts, browser history and more. Check this article to find out how to turn off all these notifications.

Thank you for reading and have a great day. See you Friday for a new post, it will be a fun one.

Summer in New York
Page Turning Summer Reads