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Every Single Outfit I Wore in April 2019 + Currently

Work Outfit with Leopard Print Shirt and White Jeans
Slip It On (Updated) + Blogging Q&A

Hey guys! It’s that time again, I started doing this round up last month and decided to make it a regular thing. I hope these posts inspire you to find new ways to wear what you already have. This time of the year, I am really tempted to buy new things, specially shoes. This past weekend I browsed several sales but eventually I didn’t get anything. I’m trying my best to not let my purchases be driven by sales. Like I’ve said before, I have all the basics I need so if I pull the trigger on something, it has to be special. Also below I’m joining Anne for her Currently link-up, so I’m chatting some more below.

7 business casual work outfits april 2019 pinksole blog

Currently… I’m

admiring, Loeffler Randall slides and a lot of them are on sale so I’m tempted to grab a pair. I just want a nice pair of heeled slides.

playing, with my hair, it is getting longer. You can hardly notice it because of my shrinkage but the extra length sure makes it easier to style.

borrowing, books at the library, I started going twice a month to pick out books perhaps I would never purchase.

remembering, to be thankful. Lately I’ve been really focused on staying positive. When life gets boring it’s easy to think your life is not this or that enough. I am reminding myself that I am healthy and very lucky. Always remember that things could be much much worse.

finishing, my second book by Camille Pagán, she’s a new to me author. I’m on my second novel by her and loving her novels so far.

Work Outfit with Leopard Print Shirt and White Jeans
Slip It On (Updated) + Blogging Q&A