Book Review May 2019
The Perfect Everyday Bag :: The Backpack

I’ve shared this on instagram a while ago but wanted to add it her for those you may have missed it. Nothing special, just a casual look I wore to the movies. These jeans are my most worn pair at this point, they come in several other washes and I have them in black as well. I love high waisted skinny jeans and I recently noticed that the popular rockstar style from Old Navy also has a similar one.

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casual outfit with slip on sneakers

I’ve come to realize that you don’t actually need a zillion plaid shirts, three is my sweet spot. I used to have them in all color combos back in the days. Now I have only 3 and did splurge on Rails and Frank & Eileen, I did get all three on sale but if you are looking for more affordable versions, I’ve got you covered.

I always enjoy a good documentary so I wanted to share three that I recently watched and enjoyed:

  • The Inventor: You’ve probably heard of con artist Elizabeth Holmes, I really enjoyed this doc. This girl was so weird and something about her was so off to me. However, she did manage to charm plenty and raised millions for her company. I wonder if she’s a sociopath or just plain crazy.
  • Conversations with a killer: The Ted Bundy tapes: I had nightmares after watching this but I still recommend watching it. To completely spook yourself watch the movie featuring with Zac Efron and Lily Collins.
  • Studio 54: This was such a fun doc, of course this wasn’t my era but it sure looked fun. I knew of Studio 54 but I didn’t know the full story and what went down. Watch it for the Fashion too, so fabulous!

Keeping it short it’s hump day and I’m already tired. See you Friday for a new post, thanks for stopping by.

Book Review May 2019
The Perfect Everyday Bag :: The Backpack

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