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Book Review May 2019

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It’s the best day of the month, book review day! I’m extra thrilled because I had an amazing reading month. I’m joining Steph and Jana to their book link-up. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews. Let’s get right to it. It’s all fiction by the way.


Two Can Keep A Secret: So this is by the same author of One of us is lying. I found out on instagram she had a new book out and promptly picked it up. I finished it in one day, Karen has a knack for this type of writing and I enjoyed this book as much as I did One of us is lying that I reviewed here. Twins Ellarie and Ezra have to move with their grandmother from California because their mom is in rehab, the new town where they are moving to has a series of unresolved crimes and Ellarie is fascinated by all things crime and investigation related. She has several theories but is spooked when she finds herself in the middle of the drama. This is a young adult book and I enjoyed it so much. Verdict: 4 Stars

Summer Wives: This is my first time reading Beatriz and this book is so well written and full of details. The thing with this book is that I didn’t care for any of the characters so I was a very bored. So basically in the 50s a lot of wealthy families go vacationed to this island for the Summer. The regular habitant of this island are not wealthy and don’t seem to mesh well with the vacationers. I put this book down for a week to see if I was at all curious about the ending but I wasn’t invested at all. So I moved on, I’m just mad I didn’t give up sooner.Verdict: 2 Stars

Before She Knew Him: Hen and Lloyd just moved in their new house and after dinner with their new neigbhor Matthew and Mirra she is convinced Matthew is murderer because of a case she followed a few years ago. I will not say anything else about the plot to avoid spoilers but damn this book was juicy. I could not put it down, huge thanks to my friend Gina for the recommendation. Verdict: 5 Stars

The Kind Worth Killing: Lily meets Ted at the airport in London and end up agreeing to help him kill his cheating spouse. Lily is peculiar and has no problem killing based on her own moral code. Again not going to spoil this for you, Lily is sharp, smart and you don’t want to be on his shit-list. Verdict: 5 stars

The Girl He Used To Know: Oh this book, I really don’t want to go in the plot because I really want you to go in with no expectations. This is how you write a good love story. Life is not perfect and people struggle, the only thing I’ll give away is that the heroine, Annika is obviously somewhere on the spectrum, just high functioning. She runs into her ex college boyfriend and clearly is not over him. There’s a major twist that you will not see coming and it’s just devastating. Trust me, just read it! Verdict: 5 Stars

The Unhoneymooners: This looks like the typical chick lit at first and I put it down for a couple weeks but when I went back to it, it got funnier, sweet and totally made me teary at some point. I loved Olive and Ethan relationship so much. They don’t like each other at first but after being stuck in a fake honeymoon together, they quickly realized, they didn’t know each other all that well. I’ve reviewed two Christina Lauren’s books here. This was given to me for free by NetGalley and actually comes out today. Verdict: 4 Stars

Passion on Park Avenue: Naomi is an almost billionaire running a successful company she started from the ground up. She is however harboring a lot of resentment for a family her mother worked for as a child. Her mom had an affair with the husband and eventually they ended up on the street. Years later, she has the opportunity to move in this family building and plans on seeking revenge. But the family is no longer the same, the young son of that family is now a handsome 30 yo that is struggling with his father’s illness. Naomi is also insanely attracted to him but cannot seem to admit who she really is. It was a nice light read and it was sweet to see Naomi let go of her resentment. This was given to me for free by NetGalley.Verdict: 3.5 Stars

I’ll Give You The Sun: Jude and Noah are fraternal twins and really close. At 13 yo, Jude is a wild child interested in boys, makeup and short clothing. Noah is quiet, artsy and seems to live in his head. Noah has a special bond with his mom because of his love of art and he wants badly to attend this art high school. 3 years later, things have changed quite a bit, Jude is now the weird one and Noah is a popular high school teen with a girlfriend. He is no longer into art, him and Jude are trying hard to find their way back to each other and most of all forgive themselves. I don’t want to give much away but this book was amazing and so well written. Finished it in two days, had to take breaks because of life and work. Verdict: 5 Stars

Forever Is The Worst Long Time: James meets his best friend Rob’s new fiancée Lou and she is his dream girl and he falls for her almost instantly. He works hard to push down his feelings for Lou which is even harder when Lou and Rob’s relationship starts struggling and Lou confides in James. 3/4 of this book is so juicy but at the end a heartbreaking twist changes everything. It’s a great book about friendship, love and forgiveness. I loved it! Camille is definitely an author to check out if she is new to you. I’ve seen a lot of her books in my local library. Verdict: 4 Stars

Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties: I had to read another one by Camille Pagán and this one was on major sale. This story is another great novel of a woman getting herself and life together after her husband asks for a divorce out of nowhere. This sounds like a cliché story at first but Camille still made it so interesting and loved how the characters progressed. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

How Not To Die Alone: Andrew is kinda weird and has a depressing job. He’s the person that goes to people’s home who were found dead to go through their stuff and see if they have any relatives. Peggy gets hired and his shadowing him and for the first time in a very long time, he gets to urge to open up again. But he has huge lie weighing on his shoulder that could jeopardize his job and stability. This book was compared to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine but I totally disagree. This was given to me for free by NetGalley. Verdict: 3.5 Stars

Those Who Wish Me Dead: This was such a captivating book filled with suspense. A young boy witnesses a murder but do manage to hide from the killers. Now they are hunting him down and his family can’t even trust the witness protection program. My favorite part of this book is that it most of it takes place in Montana where the boy goes to hide under a fake identity. He’s part of a program for troubled boys that take them to the wilderness to teach them survival skills. The killers are determine to get him and tracks him down, not going to give anything more away. Just read it. I found out this after reading the book that Nicholas Hoult joined the cast for the movie, Angelina is also in it and the guy that played little finger in Game of Thrones.. Verdict: 5 Stars

I reviewed The Key to Happily Ever After a couple months ago here and you can finally order it now.

Normal People: I read fiction for entertainment, while this story was interesting, I wasn’t at all entertained. The main characters of this were sad people, not at all normal. At least not MY normal. Marianne has an on and off fling with Connell since high school. They clearly love each other but are never together. The dynamic was weird, I think I just couldn’t relate to any of the characters hence why the book was meh for me. Marianne was clearly living in an abused home which made me sad for her. If you read this, I would love to hear what you thought. It’s one of those books one can love and another can hate it. I’m somewhere in the middle. Verdict: 3 Stars.

Currently I’m reading Vacuum in the dark.

Stripe Ruched Bodycon Dress with White Sneakers
Casual in Plaid and Slip On Sneakers + 3 Documentaries to Watch