best slip on sneakers to shop for spring summer 2019

Slip It On (Updated) + Blogging Q&A

Every Single Outfit I Wore in April 2019 + Currently
Neutral Outfit with Leopard Print Wedges
best slip on sneakers to shop for spring summer 2019

I have a few posts I’ve been meaning to update and this is my first one. I did this slip on sneakers post back in 2014 and it went viral on Pinterest. Since this post still get a lot of clicks, I wanted to update it with more current items.

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Since getting my first pair back in 2014, I’ve been hooked! I now have 4 pairs, 3 are by Vince. I know Vince is a tad more expensive but I feel like they are worth it if you plan on wearing them often. I even wear mine to work, since I have a pretty casual dress code. If you want to save, I think checking TheRealReal is worth it, I’ve seen several pop up for a steal. My all time favorite pair is for sure the Warren.

Gina challenged me to this Q&A so here we go.

1. What’s one thing (or more) you wish you understood sooner about blogging? In the beginning I worked with brands I didn’t necessarily cared for, eventually I learned that I could have a blog and not care about brand partnerships. Thankfully this is not my job, so I don’t have to worry about making money from it.

2. What has been your best strategy for getting traffic to your blog? Having nice pin-able images, work on your SEO, build a community (as in support other bloggers and engage with readers). I wish it wasn’t the case but sharing on social media, specially Instagram. I do get traffic from it even if I don’t try too hard.

3. Unsolicited Advice: Give some unsolicited advice to the blogging community/bloggers in general. e.g. if there’s a mistake you see a lot of people making or a tip you think people ought to know (but apparently don’t), share it! This is going to get me in trouble but what the hell?

First, stop shilling products that you don’t wear or care for and don’t tell me you do it for your readers. I think it is important to set strong boundaries with the brands and pr agencies you work with. It is extremely wasteful and you are not doing your readers any favors. For example, last year there was a huge Olay campaign and yes I understand that they may be paying you well, but if you usually wear $500 dresses, I have a hard time believing you put Olay on your face. This year, I saw the same thing with a Walmart campaign that was everywhere, if your readers shop at Nordstrom, I highly doubt that they buy clothes at Walmart. Know your target market! This week Helena posted her collaboration with L’Agence Fashion and that was so on brand because she has been talking about their jeans for ages. This is an example of a collaboration that makes sense to me as a reader of her blog.

Second, stop asking people on Instagram if they see your posts or complain about low engagement or the algorithm. Instagram and your followers owe you NOTHING. If your readers are truly connected to you, they will notice you are gone and will check out your page. Instead ask, how can I serve my readers? How can I be helpful?

Third, the countless giveaways please stop it! The followers you get from them are not engaged and your engagement will forever look low compared to your follower count. I know that IG growth is crucial for influencers but you can’t just cheat through it. Your following should be real and engaged. I’m not saying that all giveaways should be banned, one with a brand you love is perfectly fine.

Lastly, stop complaining on twitter or instagram that this brand or PR agency didn’t give you what you wanted. If your boss denied you a raise, you would not go around the office bad mouthing him. You can look for a new job or continue to perform so you can justify your raise at a later time. Basically be professional. Also know that PR agencies also work for the brand and have guidelines that they must follow.

4. Share a favorite blogging memory. Whether it’s a favorite post or collaboration/sponsorship or real life meet up that resulted from blogging. I met my friend Charnele through blogging, we probably would have never met otherwise. So I’m thankful for that the MOST! I also did a small collab with my favorite brand J.Crew, I could not believe it when I got an email from them.

5. Non-blogging bonus question: What are some of your favorite, most-used phone apps (besides social media!). I started using the app Digit, you connect it to an account and it randomly saves money for you. I’ve had it for less than 2 months and already saved an extra $500. It’s like putting loose change in a jar. Trust me you don’t even notice it. The Fitbit app, I track my sleep religiously nowadays so I check it every single morning. The Clue app to track periods and such, you can also do so in the Fitbit app but I’ve had that one for the longest. All my bank apps because I check all my accounts daily, sometimes more. I am obsessed with personal finance and savings. I’m working on being 100% debt free and I’m down to my last credit card, so it’s a fun reminder to check progress often and fight the impulse to shop.

Quick reminder the Sephora sale is finally open to us commoners haha, yesterday I picked up some old favorites that I’ve purchased over and over. Last Friday, I did a round up my favorite of the month. This is what I got from the sale…

If you read all of this, you are a saint and thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

Every Single Outfit I Wore in April 2019 + Currently
Neutral Outfit with Leopard Print Wedges