4 Nail Polish Colors To Try For Spring + Random Things

Stripe Ruched Bodycon Dress with White Sneakers

Happy Friday? Do you have any fun weekend plans?

I have some exciting news for you, I am making some changes with the newsletter. I will be sending a new one every other Sunday instead of once a month. So watch out for a new one this coming Sunday. I am also doing a Giveaway for subscribers only. I am giving away the New Revlon Gel Envy Lingerie Collection. I have an extensive nail polish collection so if you are looking to start yours, this could be your head start.

Back to this post, if you are getting a mani/pedi, here are a few hues I tried recently. I usually go for red, white or a dark hue like Lincoln After Dark. Lately I’ve tried new to me fun colors that I think are perfect for Spring/Summer.

Loving these classic leather blocked heel sandals.

Jess Ann’s post was seriously scary and eye opening, this year I’ve been meaning to make an effort to not buy clothes that are made in poor conditions

Always love these office apropos posts on Man Repeller, they always feature such fun outfits. Leandra’s slides are very similar to these.

OPI Cajun Shrimp

Recently at a grocery store, a lady looked at my cart and asked what I was going to do with my kale, spinach, basically all the veggies I had. Here are 5 ways to use your veggies.

The rise of the lady backpack.

Books to check for your next beach day.

Got these blocked heels and they are so good. The feel like butter and mold to my feet perfectly.

OPI Blue: Dreams Need Clara-Fication
Lavender: Polly Want A Lacquer

Here I was proud of my three plants, this apartment is a plan lover’s dream.

Have you seen this instagram page daily mini?

OPI Lavendare To Find Courage

How to wear powder makeup? I switched back to powder makeup recently and I’m loving it. In the long run, I want to only wear makeup for nigh outs or big events.

One of my favorite indulgent breakfast.

I may be super late on that one but The Bold Type is so so good. I was hooked after just one episode.

That’s it for me today, have a great weekend.

Stripe Ruched Bodycon Dress with White Sneakers