cute casual outfit march 2019

Every Single Outfit I Wore in March 2019

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Hey guys! In last Friday’s post I shared 3 ways to style chino shorts. One thing I hope people get out of here is how to wear what they have and not encourage you to constantly buy new things. I love clothes and shopping but this is not a healthy hobby to have in my opinion. I’ve been working really hard on curating a closet I’m happy with and it has changed in the last few years. I don’t have the time for blog shoots anymore, my work life and priorities have changed over the years but thanks to great technologies like our smartphones and apps like the Stylebook Closet app, I can find ways to share what I wear on the daily.

March was a busy month for me, I don’t have an outfit for every single day because I am often working in lounge or active wear at home. Not sure you guys would be interested in these, they are beyond basic. But I did organized my outfits this past month in three categories, work , casual and going out outfits. Keep in mind I live in South Florida and the weather here is a big factor in what I wear. I know a lot of pieces are repeated, hopefully these will spark new ideas for you as well.

work outfits for march 2019

Outfit 1denim jacket // stripe tee // olive pants // bag // loafer mules // Necklace
Outfit 2Shirt // Jeans // Belt // Shoes // Necklace
Outfit 3shirt // jeans // espadrilles // belt // necklace
Outfit 4cardigan // cami // jeans // belt // loafers
Outfit 5
stripe shirt // jeans // wedges // belt // bag // necklace

cute casual outfit march 2019

Outfit 1: jacket // tee // jeans // sneakers // bag // necklace
Outfit 2: shirt // bodysuit // jeans // sneakers // bag // necklace
Outfit 3: Sweatshirt // leggings // bag // sneakers
Outfit 4: bomber sweater // tee // jeans // belt // sneakers // bag
Outfit 5: denim jacket // cami // shorts // sandals // bag // necklace
Outfit 6: bodysuit // jeans // bag // sneakers // necklace

Outfit 1: bodysuit // shorts // sandals // bag // necklace
Outfit 2: dress // bag // sandals // necklace
Outfit 3: jacket // cami // shorts // wedges // bag // necklace
Outfit 4: bodysuit // shorts // belt // sneakers

A few takeaway from this post, I’ve known this but now it’s even clearer. I love separates and have very few dresses. I love a pretty dress but I feel like I get more out of separate pieces, you can easily re-style them for a fresh new look. Although, I love the wow effect of a pretty dress. Also taking the time to find a few accessories you love is key, my bags, shoes, belts and jewelry are the main pieces to make an outfit interesting. I re-wear my favorites over and over again. I would rather buy a cool new belt than 5 new tops.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I used the Stylebook app to track all my outfits and often to put them together. It’s a great tool to curb your shopping because you have a pretty clear picture of all that you have.

Should I make this a monthly series?

10 Easy Ways To Save Money & Be More Sustainable
How To Wear Leopard Print Shorts