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It’s the best day of the month, book review day! I’m joining Steph and Jana to their book link-up. So make sure to check them out to find more book reviews. You can also check out my Amazon shop, when I pick up a new book I always make sure to update the shop. As you can see I have lots of reading to do. Let’s get right to it.


Verity: Lowen is an introverted writer whose mom just passed away from cancer. When she get asked to finished a successful series of books by a writer in her genre, she can’t really refuse because she needs the money. She now have to temporarily live in the writer’s home to go over her office and research. The catch is the sick writer is also living there after a fatal accident in vegetative state, with her husband, her young son and a very complicated past.
Once I made it to chapter 2, I knew I would have to finish this book the same day and ended up going to bed at 1 AM (if you know me at all, you know that staying up late is NOT my thing). This book will have you at the edge of your seat the entire time. It was freaking crazy!
Verdict: 4.5 Stars
The Wife Between Us: I grabbed this one at the library and it was another page turner. I finished it in two days only because I had other things to do. You will make several assumptions when you start this book, Nellie is getting married but it seems she is being stalked by her fiancé’s ex wife. This story is so twisted and kept me hooked the entire time. I cannot tell you more because I don’t want to ruin it for you. Trust me read it!
Verdict: 4 Stars
The Idea Of You by Robinne Lee
The Idea of You: Solène is a 39 yo divorced mother to a 12 yo girl, she took her daughter and her friends to see her favorite boy band and she is seduced by one of the member of the band that is 20 yo. Apparently the band is inspired by One Direction and Solène’s love interest Haiz seems to be inspired by Harry Styles. After reading the intense books above, this one was such a brain candy, a term I’m stealing from Hitha. This book was entertaining, Solène was so intense, I think this should have been a fun fling for her but she actually fell for the guy which made this situation very complicated. Haiz was the perfect boyfriend, handsome, rich, caring and great in bed, so basically Solène was living a teenage dream at 39.
One thing that pissed me off with this book is how her ex husband could date a 20 something yo, have a baby, get married again and it was no big deal. However she was so judge for dating a younger man, it’s like once a woman has kids and is divorce her life is basically over. Ends rant. This book is by Robinne Lee, I had no idea she was an author. This was a fun and juicy read, the end will crush you.
Verdict: 4 Stars
Burial Rites: This is the kind of book you cannot put down once you start. Agnes Magnusdottir and Fridrik Sigurdsson are set to be executed for the murder of two men in a farmhouse where Agnes was living. This is happening in Iceland in the 1800s. She requests a new priest to counsel her before her execution and is placed with a family in a farm to work until the time of the execution. Quickly we realize that Agnes story is not that simple and no one takes into account what her motives could have been. While this book is fictional this double execution really did happen in Iceland, and was the last capital punishment that took place in Iceland. Burial Rites is set to become a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. I will for sure watch it, Jennifer is a great actress and I’m sure she will kill this role.
Verdict: 5 Stars

Quick Picks

I’m only sharing fiction this month, I’m currently reading a non fiction book but it’s taking me along time to get through it. I enjoyed all the books I read this month but the top two are definitely Burial Rites and Verity. They are the kind of books you will stay up late reading.

How To Wear Leopard Print Shorts
5 Cute Outfits To Shop For Now - All On Sale

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