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Favorite Products of the Month : April 2019

Hey guys! The month is coming to an end, so you know what time it is.

Eating: This month I did a little experiment, after cleaning my fridge and cooking almost everything in it, I realized that I could not go grocery shopping for a while. Well, it lasted 2 weeks, I only had to go on the third week because I needed things like, eggs and fresh veggies. So yea I’ve been overspending in that department, so now instead of grocery shopping every week, I’m challenging myself to every 2 or 3 weeks. I hate being wasteful and this pushed me to cook meals based more on what I have. My bank account is loving it!

Loving: J.Crew is out to get all my money, no worries I’ve been good. I did get this sweatshirt and tee, both cost me $37 with a combination of sale, promo code and rewards. My favorites are all the new cute sneakers.

Up to: I’ve been debating about it for a while and decided to open my Etsy store again, it got overwhelming a few years ago. This time I will have a smaller inventory. If you want to see my newer pieces, check out my ig page for it.

Watching: So I may be late on that one but I started watching Schitt’s Creek and omg it is hilarious and so stupid. I’m trying to not binge, it’s just a fun watch on weekends while I’m blogging or doing chores. David is definitely my favorite character, he’s so condescending. If you haven’t seen Homecoming, please check it out, Beyoncé’s doc about prepping for Coachella after having twins. This woman is amazing.

Excited: about Game of Thrones, I’ve waiting two years for this last season so every Sunday now feels like Christmas.

Wearing: Some of the outfits I wore lately.

casual work outfit with cargo pants, stripe t-shirt and denim jacket
jacket // tee // pants // mules // necklace
casual work outfit with rails plaid shirt, citizen of humanity boyfriend jeans and blush pink ferragamo flats
shirt // jeans // belt // flats // necklace
concert outfit with bodysuit, high waist short and white sneakers golden goose
bodysuit // shorts // belt // sneakers // medallion necklace

Listening: I started listening to Sarah’s Book Shelves Live podcast, if you love reading this is a good one.

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Leopard Print Duster
Favorite Products of the Month : April 2019

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