10 Easy Ways To Save Money & Be More Sustainable

Red Bodysuit, Boyfriend Jeans & Vince Warren Sneakers
Every Single Outfit I Wore in March 2019
pic taken in Coronado, California.

I’ve been wanting to write this post forever, sometimes I worry about doing non fashion related posts but this space is meant for me to share things I love and care about so maybe you will find this post helpful or you will be like duh! Rachelle, I’ve been doing that. Either way, let’s get to it.

I did a lot of small changes over the years. I hate being wasteful, specially when it’s to our planet detriment. I am not perfect at this in any way, I do not make my own cleaning supplies but here are a few things I’ve constantly been doing.

  1. I stopped buying face wipes, I know they are very convenient for makeup removal but instead I have three packs of these cleansing cloth that I use when washing my face and with makeup remover. I just throw them in the wash and use them over and over.
  2. Talking about makeup remover, that’s another thing I stopped buying. Did you know you can use coconut oil to remove your makeup. It does such a great job, I just double cleanse right after. I have super oily skin and have not had any issues. I use the organic one from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Lately, I’ve been using my Kopari coconut melt.
  3. Travel size toiletries, Target and Amazon has a variety of small bottle you can fill up with your existing products. Most of all you can reuse these little bottles over and over again. I have these.
  4. I also don’t buy bottled water, I have 2 great Swell bottles that I’ve been using for years. I also have a Britta to filter my tap water, this is the exact one I have.
  5. Coffee filters and pods, I got rid of my Keurig and went back to using this old fashion stovetop Expresso Maker. I have a really cheap one I got for $10 years ago. Looking for a way cuter option, check this out. They heat up quickly and you get strong coffee in no time.
  6. Hair Creams, remember my post I did a few weeks ago about hair care. I cannot believe all the money I wasted on random hair products. I still have a jar of gel if I want to try a new fun style but for the most part, I only need shampoo, conditioner, good hair oils and deep conditioner. The best part is my hair is healthier now than it ever was before. A lot of these cream really don’t do nothing.
  7. Razors, yes I used to buy the plastic venus ones. Stop that, get this one that you can just replace the blades. The replacement razor blades are inexpensive and this is a year supply.
  8. Talking about shaving, I also stopped buying shaving cream. I just use warm water and soap, my skin doesn’t behave any differently. So many things that are advertised to us are so unnecessary.
  9. This one is trickier, I save money by not wasting food. I carefully plan meals and buy exactly what I need. You will save so much doing that, I promise. I randomly pick up extra stuff but I make sure they are not perishable and I will have time to consume them. My pantry and fridge were always running out of space from impulses at the grocery store. This habit will save you money, be good for your health and reduce waste.
  10. Seasonal Decor, ok I may be alone on that one but hear me out. I took the time to decorate my place and don’t feel the need to switch up decor pieces per season. It’s a waste of money in my opinion and a waste of space since you have to store all this extra stuff. Take your time when decorating and find pieces you really love and you will love your home just the way it is year round.

A BONUS one, please bring your own bags to the grocery store. This saves you money because a lot of stores gives you a credit per bag. You can get insulated, extra large, printed ones and more, all HERE.

If I could learn to easily make cleaning supplies and my own candles, that would be just great. Eventually they are things that I also want to stop buying.

Things you only need to buy once…

If you read this entire post, thank you and because this post was so not fashionable, on Friday I have a MEGA fashion related post for you. Don’t miss it 😉 Also if you have any more tips you want to share with, please feel free to do so.

Red Bodysuit, Boyfriend Jeans & Vince Warren Sneakers
Every Single Outfit I Wore in March 2019