latest purchases for spring 2019

Latest Purchases Spring 2019 And How I’m Wearing them.

Polka Dots Cami & Leopard Print Wedges
5 BEST Neutral Nail Polish For Dark Skin
latest purchases for spring 2019
Dress // Black Mesh Bodysuit // Red Cami // Leopard Print Cami // White Jeans // Lace Trim Cami // White Sneakers // Black Espadrilles // Leopard Print Espadrilles.

Hey guys! I don’t take pics just for the blog so by the time I get to show you my newer pieces in a blog post, they may be long gone. If you follow on Instagram, I’ve been making an effort to post outfits almost as soon as I wear them. Even if it’s just a sad mirror selfie lol.

I purged a lot this year and sold a bunch of stuff to TheRealReal so between that and the last Shopbop sale I got a few new things I’m excited to wear all Spring and Summer, which is basically year round in South Florida. I’m making sure to mention where I wore these outfits too, I know I’m bad about that. This year I’m not at all focused on basics, I don’t really need any but I am trying to not go for trendy items but simply pieces I love that fits my style.

I found that dress while I was putting together one of my monthly newsletters, there’s also a version with sleeves. One of my new shopping rules is that, if something is over $30, I have a to allow a few days before I can purchase it. Most of the time I forget about the item almost as soon as I close the tab. It wasn’t the case for that dress or any of the pieces above.

That dress is everything! I’m wearing a small and it has a nice stretch. I thought about making it shorter so it could hit right under my knees but eventually decided against that.

Wore to a nice brunch spot: Dress // Shoes // Bag // Necklace

My love for bodysuits is still going strong so I picked up two during the last Shopbop sale. I’m happy they are back in style and I’m not sure why they went away, it’s not like people can usually tell when a top is a bodysuit or not. I haven’t worn the Wolford one yet, I’m sure I’ll take it for a spin this coming weekend. I did wear this lace trim one, full look here.

lace trim bodysuit
wore to my sister’s birthday dinner

This is my current favorite affordable cami, I have it in 3 colors already and picked up the red as well. Wearing the blush pink version below, they are a great basic, I wear them to work, go out and more. They look perfect with skinny jeans and cute flats for a classic comfortable look.

work outfit with blush cami everlane olive pants and camel cardigan
wore to workoriginal outfit

I shared this leopard print cami last week, see it in action below. This cami is perfect, lightweight, fits well, adjustable straps with a v-neck. Everything I love in a good cami. I know that’s one I’ll be wearing a lot, cannot wait to pair it with my favorite high rise blue skinny jeans and loafer mules next.

outfits with leopard print cami and black shorts
wore to a casual backyard birthday partyoriginal outfit

Been loving these white jeans and I dig the higher rise. I gave up on low rise jeans and this year got rid of the ones I had left. They are just not flattering one me and are so uncomfortable.

best white jeans for spring summer
both work outfitsoriginal outfits

I love my flats and sneakers but needed some comfortable heels in the form of wedges. I got a great pair last year and I wore it enough to make it worth it to add some variety. I’ve been sharing these leopard print wedges since I saw them online and you saw me wearing them in Monday’s post.

classic summer outfit with cami black shorts and wedges
wore to grab dinner with my daddio – original outfit

Also got these classic espadrilles, they are a dream. Super soft and so comfortable to wear. I’ve been eyeing this Castaner espadrilles since last year and I’m happy I took the plunge. They are very well made.

Wore to worktop // jeans // wedges // belt // necklace

I’ve talked about my super white kicks here before. I’ve worn them but couldn’t find a picture with them on. No worries I’ll remedy that next weekend. I have a lot of fun going out plans so I’m sure I’ll take them out for a spin.

Would wear this to the movies

I know I’m not an “always ON blogger, hello 9to5” but I’ve been trying to keep my Shop page and Pinksole Finds (see it on the sidebar) current. So you can easily see the current pieces that I’m loving, buying or are similar to what I already have.

What are you excited to wear for Spring/Summer, anything on your wishlist?

Polka Dots Cami & Leopard Print Wedges
5 BEST Neutral Nail Polish For Dark Skin