How To Care For Dry 4C Natural Hair & Scalp

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Happy Friday! I’ve been wanting to write this post forever, I feel like it took me way too long to learn how to deal with my dry hair. All of this may be obvious to you but it wasn’t to me, I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve learned to keep my hair moisturized just in case you are .

First, the #1 ingredient to keep your hair moisturized is water. I drench my hair in water every single day. You cannot complain about having dry hair and only getting your hair wet once or twice a week. It’s like having a plant with dry soil, you have to water it.

I always, always detangle my hair. I do so every single day as well! I do it in the shower because it’s convenient, I got a shower mirror to make it easier. I have very tight coils so I never attempt to detangle my hair while it’s dry, that’s a recipe for disaster. To make detangling easier, I use inexpensive conditioners like TRESemme or Aussie because they give my hair a lot of slip. I started adding castor oil and moroccan oil to my conditioners for extra nutrients. Feeding your hair good fatty oils is key but these are a bit too heavy to apply directly onto my hair.

great conditioner for detangling natural hair
Rake Comb // Paddle Brush // Denman Brush // Fine Tooth Comb

Next, you need the right tools to fully detangle your hair. I used all of these in that order (from left to right), of course sometimes I skip the detangling comb when I’m lazy. On soaked hair, I apply my conditioner then start with the rake comb. When detangling always start at the end and slowly work your way up, then move on to the paddle brush.

My Denmam brush is my favorite, I use it after the paddle brush, it fully detangles my hair and makes my curls pop. If well done, I can easily run the fine tooth comb through my hair with no issues. I should also mention, doing this daily, I experience very little shedding. You are suppose to shed hair everyday day, so if you do this process once a week of course you will shed more hair as you didn’t detangle your hair for days.

Other than water, I do use these oils on my hair and scalp. I apply these after rinsing out the conditioner, still on wet hair. I love both but the first one is organic and a lot more expensive. I massage them onto my scalp, along my hair strands and never neglect your ends. That’s the driest part of my hair.

After detangling, I usually put my hair in a bun or two. I use these two soft bristle brushes for styling and get these nice waves. I only had the narrow one for a while but recently got this big one. The thinner one is better for my edges. Since I started doing this, I hardly use any gel in my hair. After brushing with the soft bristle brush, I put on my satin scarf, when I take it off my hair is nice and smooth like below.

4c natural hair after detangling

So let’s sum this up:

  • Get water into your hair everyday
  • Fully detangle everyday with a conditioner that add slip and the correct tools.
  • Nourish your hair and scalp nutrient filled fatty oils.

This simple routine works and is inexpensive. I don’t do much else unless I have to time to indulge in deep conditioning or a protein treatment. I should also mention that I wash my hair once weekly, making sure I ONLY apply shampoo to the scalp. Overall, that’s all I do and my scalp is finally no longer flaky. Hope you found this post helpful, if you have any questions please let me know.

The Best White Jeans + Currently...
Floral Dress & Black Suede Booties