Animal Instinct
Polka Dots Cami & Leopard Print Wedges
fall night classic all black out outfit

Happy Friday! This is my very last outfit from California and I’m happy because I’m over them. It is really warm in South Florida so I have not being wearing any layers. We had a few random cold fronts but for the most part it’s been really warm.

What I’m Wearing: Jacket // Bodysuit // Jeans // Scarf // Shoes // Bag

I’m going to try, keyword ‘try’ to share a bit more every Friday, since I no longer have the weekly newsletter. I don’t get to share everything I would like, now that it’s on a monthly basis.

A lot of “lifestyle sites” out there established themselves as experts in topics like skincare or beauty. Some do a great job but at the end of the day a lot of these posts are sponsored and not fully researched. If you’ve ever read that L-Lysine was great for acne/breakouts, I suggest you read this article. It’s just not that simple

This video of 7 things that are advertised as healthy but are a waste of money is spot on.

classic outfit with chanel slingback two tone pumps

You know what’s hard to find, conservative dresses that don’t look grandma-ish, now this brand HVN nails it. Unfortunately it’s expensive but I’ll start stalking them on eBay and TheRealReal. They are just perfect for Spring/Summer to pair with wedges/espadrilles.

I love Garance’s writing and most of all her stories on dating over 40. The part where she talks about how women are viewed based on their age is so true.

If you are going on vacation and need a fabulous dress that is cheap, get this one. ASOS is alos one of my go-to shopping spots for affordable Spring/Summer pieces and currently they have 20% off with code ‘LUCKYME’.

Have a great weekend guys and see you guys back on Monday for a new post.

Animal Instinct
Polka Dots Cami & Leopard Print Wedges

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