February 2019 Recap

Currently Craving + A Major Sale
Layered Fall Outfit with Boyfriend Jeans

Hey guys! So yea this month went by in a flash, I am joining Sheaffer and Shay for their monthly recap.

What I’m Eating: Trader Joe’s came out with a new to me riced vegetable medley. It has cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and more, I’ve been using it as base in many of my meals. It’s making my life so much easier, I love rice so I’m using this as a replacement. Below I am having it with chicken and black beans. This was so filling.

trader joes veggie rice meddley

I’ve been trying to eat less rice and bread overall, so that when I want to enjoy some pizza, I can do so knowing that I get plenty of veggies in. Which means just avocado and no toasts lately.

High protein breakfast

What I’m Loving: So lately I’ve bumped my pilates classes to 5 weekly. It is hard but I’m loving it. I love the changes I see in my body and most of all, I love how strong it makes me. Sharing this pic because his form is amazing. I don’t know who this person is, if you do please let me know.

Another thing I’m loving this month is my new tiny stud for my extra piercing. That particular piercing is in my cartilage and can only handle real gold. So it was nice to find a new fun colorful studs to wear in it. They have all birthstones but I got emerald green because I love that stone. If you are into delicate dainty jewelry AUrate will be your jam. I’ve collaborated with them before and their pieces may be dainty but they are very durable. Also got the matching necklace.

I’m excited about the Shopbop sale too, I shared my picks on Monday but they had a lot of new arrivals since and it’s making me so excited for Spring.

What I’m reminiscing about: I got to see Michael Bublé live and he was simply amazing.

michael buble concert outfit

What I’m watching: All the movies nominated for Best Picture. I saw all of them and they are all so good. Except for Roma, I couldn’t get into it. I will try to watch it again another time.

What I’m listening to: Currently I’m listening to old Queen albums. They were so talented.

What I’m wearing: Some of my latest outfits.

What I’m looking forward to next month: I have a couple days off in March and I cannot freaking wait.

See you back on Friday for the last post of the week.

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Currently Craving + A Major Sale
Layered Fall Outfit with Boyfriend Jeans