January 2019 Recap
Denim Jacket + Black Sweatshirt & Jeans + Vince Snake-print Slip On Sneakers

Let me first get something out of the way, all those fashion rules that they come up with every year are all fictional. Really, you can make your own rules and this is exactly what I’m doing here. A lot of the stuff that are in right now are just not for me, I really don’t see myself wearing biker shorts. So this is what I’m looking forward to wearing soon.

Most of these pieces I already have, except for the pristine white sneakers. I consigned a couple of designer bags and a few shoes to TheRealReal so I treated myself to this pair. I know Golden Goose sneakers don’t come cheap but they are extremely comfortable and require no break in period. I was so excited to see that they came out with a pair that doesn’t have any distressing. I also let go of a pair that I don’t wear much. Since I have the StyleBook app, I put together a few inspiration outfits below.

Girly Dresses, that can be worn with flat sandals, heels or sneakers. I have very few dresses because I always have a hard finding dresses I really like.

Bodysuits, yep! I’m still into them and I don’t think this trend will die for me. They just fit so much better with jeans and stay perfectly tucked in.

Black & White Polka Dots, I have very few polka dots in my closet but don’t mind a few pieces because it’s a fun print. I have a little black and white polka dot dress that I wear with sandals, heels and even sneakers. Sharing how to wear it below.

Pristine White Sneakers, I’ve wanted all white sneakers forever and I’m finally getting a pair. A few options below.

Little White Dress, that’s one I never ever get tired off, I love cute little white dresses and they are a classic.

Leather Sandals, whether they are flats, blocked heeled or wedges, I love classic leather sandals that can be worn all Spring and Summer long.

Here are a few inspo from items I have in my closet. Some of my exact pieces are long gone, so I’ll just to whatever is still in stock. You can all the similar pieces above.

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January 2019 Recap
Denim Jacket + Black Sweatshirt & Jeans + Vince Snake-print Slip On Sneakers

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