White blazer, Leopard Print Cami and Black Skinny Jeans
Book Review 01.19

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Happy New Year! I would have said it sooner but as you all know I was on a much needed blogging break. I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday season. Mine was a lot of fun and it was great to be free of all responsibilities. Honestly I didn’t miss blogging during my time off but I know I’m not ready to give up yet. Things will definitely change though, I will stress less about having x amount of posts per week and use this blog as what it is, a hobby. Same for the newsletter, I’m thinking of making it a monthly thing instead. During my time away I also downloaded instagram again because I had the time, but after three posts I lost all interest. I took a lot of fun pics but when it came down to posting, writing a caption, tagging etc.. I just couldn’t do it on the regular as I used to and had very little patience to browse. Not sure what my strategy for instagram would be this year, I do want to post some of the pics I have but I just don’t want to find myself spending hours on there daily.

Did you guys set any goals for 2019? This is the first year in a while decluttering isn’t one of my goals. It’s been such a huge project for the past two years and I can now happily say I have no clutter at all.

I do have a few personal intentions.

  • One of them is journaling, I want to spend a few minutes daily writing down my thoughts. I’ve tried this several times before and have failed miserably. So we’ll see how that goes.
  • I also want to practice meditation seriously, I’ve dabbled with it before but I want to take it seriously this year.
  • I don’t follow any diet but I do want to get better about intuitive eating. I often eat when I’m not hungry, I also want to decrease my intake of sweets (cookies, ice cream, cakes etc…) and alcohol (specially wine).

In the spirit of New Year here is a great speech to listen to.

What I’m Wearing: Coat // Bodysuit // Belt // Jeans // Bag // Boots // Necklace // Sunglasses

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These pictures date back to the end of November when I was in New York. On that day, I had a lot planned but the night before I had dinner at The Rive Café, which has the most amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

camel coat black top and jeans combat boots red bag winter outfit-2

I started the day late, I slept in then headed to Milk + Honey Café for brunch, it’s a quaint little spot in Brooklyn with delicious food. It was packed! It’s more of a communal seating cafe but the food was yummy. I considered going there again the next day but gave another spot a try.

brunch at milk & honey in brooklyn review

I then headed to the city super excited to finally visit the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. So did thousands of other tourists. The museum was packed but I had the best time seeing the amazing work of so many exceptional artists. I was particular taken by the work of Monet, before that I had only seen a couple of his work in person and loved his pieces.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

I also marveled at the architecture of this building. It is majestic!

The METall black winter outfit

After copiously eating burgers, cheese fries and chocolate shake at Shake Shack, I headed to the New Amsterdam museum to see the Aladdin The Musical. It was my first time seeing a broadway show and it wasn’t my last. I’m happy I splurged on really good seats. Major Ataway played Genie and he stole the show.

new amsterdam theater New York

That’s it for today, tomorrow I have the first book review of the year coming up and it is major! I’m reviewing over 10 books so make sure to stop by.

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White blazer, Leopard Print Cami and Black Skinny Jeans
Book Review 01.19

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