January 2019 Recap

Camel Suede Jacket & Red Bodysuit
6 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends to Try & How to Wear them

Hey guys! Wasn’t January the longest month ever? I am joining Sheaffer and Shay for their monthly recap.

What I’m Eating: My only goal health wise this year is to eat more veggies, for every single meal. I do eat and love veggies but I don’t eat as much as I should. I started slowly and this past week I made a lot plant based meals. The ramen is by Half Backed Harvest and I’m obsessed with her blog right now. I added a lot more veggies and broth to mine. The rest I winged it so no recipes

What I’m Loving: This year I really don’t need any basics and cannot justify getting anything for work. So I don’t mind getting a few fun stuff, like this cute little polka dot and this leopard print dress. Haven’t pulled the trigger on anything, a new habit I want to cultivate is not to buy anything on the spot, always allow 7+ days if I’m still thinking about the item. Turns out after a couple days I usually just forget about it.

I’m also loving my new piercings, I got them before Christmas and I think they are cute.

I also colored my hair, believe it or not, I did not bleach it. I just used Hi Color for dark hair by L’Oreal.

What I’m reminiscing about: I had the best time over the holidays and got to meet up with some of my friends in San Diego. They may look familiar to you 🙂 From left to right: Charnele, Caryl, Gina, moi and Noelle.

I also got to see Hamilton which was pretty awesome.

What I’m watching: I watch Ruby Sparks over the weekend, I’ve always been a fan of Zoe Kazan and she is truly brilliant, she wrote this script and her boyfriend Paul Dano, is the main character in this film. I found out we almost share the same birthday.

What I’m listening to: Currently I’m loving the Saturday Nights remix by Khalid and Kane Brown.

What I’m wearing: Some of my latest outfits.

What I’m looking forward to next month: Nothing much my sister got tickets to see Michael Bublé and I’m her date so I’m excited for that.

See you back on Friday for the last post of the week.

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Camel Suede Jacket & Red Bodysuit
6 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends to Try & How to Wear them