November Update
Winter Outfit & New Year Intentions

white blazer leopard print cami skinny AG black jeans Aquazzura christy lace up flats

This is my last post of the year guys, but I will be back on January 7th, hopefully refreshed and full of new ideas for the blog. Today I wanted to share my final New Orleans outfit and go over some of the habits that made 2018 a good year for me. Not that I think 2018 was a great year in itself, so many devastating events happened but this was a year full of growth for me.

What I’m Wearing: Blazer // Cami // Jeans // Flats // Bag // Necklace

Pilates: This is mentioned first for a reason. You can be strong but being Pilates strong is on another level. Abs exercises are my mortal enemy and you just cannot avoid your core with Pilates. It has changed my posture, my flexibility, my endurance and my abs. Now other exercises like HiiT training, running and so on are easier for me because of my Pilates training. I went from doing it twice a week to 5 times weekly. Finding the right instructor was crucial, I tried several people at first but now I only go to one person. In 2019, IF I can afford it, I haven’t inquired about the price yet, I want to start taking private lessons.

Reading: I’ve always loved reading and this year having my monthly reviews made me read even more. It’s such a great hobby to have and it’s so relaxing. Because of it I end up watching a lot less TV.

Cutting Back on Social Media: Looking back at earlier this year I am honestly amazed at how far I’ve come. I haven’t had instagram, twitter or the pinterest apps on my phone for over a month. Yes sometimes, I wish I could share this or that and I’m not in the loop of what is happening in the blogging world. I also know that this might end up hurting the growth of this blog, but the overall benefits of staying away from social media are so much more important to me. If you feel you have too much on your plate and can’t get everything done, you should totally check your social media habits. They take up way more time than we think. Let’s not forget the comparison game, seeing somebody jet off to a remote location every month in head to toe designer gear, while living in a mansion hashtag GOALS is not good for my mental health. I am not blaming these people for their fortune in any way. I just know that I have a pretty good life with lots to be thankful for, I don’t need to constantly see other people’s display of wealth. Also times have changed and while we may not see a bunch of billboards on the daily, we are constantly being advertised to on social media. It’s funny that the mental health crisis is rising and we still think this or that item will make us feel better. Overall, I am slowly and surely learning to not pacify myself with these apps. They are not bad per se but if not managed responsibly, they can be.

Letting Go: I know I mostly talk about my closet but this year my de-cluttering went way beyond my closet. I let go of a lot of physical stuff, my home is overall so much neater. Having less stuff also means having less things to clean and cater to. I also learned to let go of expectations, people’s opinions and even some friendships. When you let go of things and habits that don’t serve you, you will have space and time to acquire new and better ones.

Simplifying my Life: This one is hard and a work in progress. This year, simple things like going out to eat have changed drastically. I now try to save those for special occasions or if I’m traveling. I’ve come to hate the word busy, I’m trying really hard to not have a busy life. Why? Simply because I don’t want it. I want to be intentional with what I do and not treat life like a never ending checklist. Think of anything that you really don’t enjoy doing and see if there’s ways you can change your routine. A simple one for me is hair care, I hate going to hair salons. So guess what? I stopped going, did some research and learned how to keep my hair neat and healthy.

So what will I be up to during my break?

Well I still have quite a few workdays left in the year, then I will be relaxing home, reading, exercising. At the end of December I’m headed to California to spend time with friends for the Holidays.

Thank you so much for reading and I wanted to wish you all the happiest Holiday! May this time of the year bring joy and peace.

See you all back in January 7th, 2019. Happy New year!



November Update
Winter Outfit & New Year Intentions

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