What I Wore To Work
Camo Jacket & Grey Sweater + Weekend Highlights

great basics for Fall

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I worked really hard at shopping less this year and only got a few items here and there. After my last massive closet, I finally let go of some pieces I was holding on to for no reason. I allowed myself to get a few basics I wanted to fill some holes that were left in my closet. It was so tempted to just order this or that because it was cute. I ended up making a lot of returns and also learned not to feel guilty. I don’t want to be crazy shopping all the time but I also want to enjoy something new if I need or want it.

I am loving bodysuits right now, I have a short and long sleeves in black and I wear them a lot. I wanted a third one with a different neckline, this v-neck wrap style was perfect. It’s pretty affordable too and they always have a sale going on. I got this turtleneck tee specially for my trip to New York later this month, I figure this is a classic style that will not go out of style and I can use it for future trips.

These sheer bodysuits by Spanx are not for everyone but hear me out. They are great to layer with bralette for a night out look. They are also perfect to layer under sleeveless clothes. I was looking for something similar for a while, once I noticed that Spanx made them, I did not hesitate because I knew although they are thin, they would be durable. I got a small and they fit me like a glove. The polka dot one is so fun.

I love this knit camo bomber I got a while ago, I wore it a lot in New Orleans because it was slightly cooler there. I really wanted a more subtle version that would be more versatile, that I could potentially wear to work. This came in black and camel, I did order both but only kept the camel. They do run large, the small is perfect and I can easily add layers under it.

Now I looked high and low for a black faux leather and faux suede camel jacket. I haven’t shopped at Macy’s in ages and randomly stumbled there and found these two. I must have tried 10 different jackets before finding these. They are on super sale right now and are also available in non petite versions (here & here). If you are over 5’4 you are in luck because the regular sizes come in a lot more colors. They have limited colors for petites.

I do have a classic pair of black booties but it is flat and I wanted an affordable heeled version that would be dressier. This pair is under $200 and a classic (c/o I got it through my partnership with Shopbop). I’ve had a pair of Vince slip on sneakers for 2 years now and the snake-print caught me eyes, I didn’t get it right away. No it wasn’t a piece that I needed, but I couldn’t it get it out of my head. Normally when I see something I like but don’t need, usually after a week or less I forget all about it. Not this time though, I kept on going back to look at it. I had a couple of Nordstrom notes so I used them towards this purchase. I wore it the very first day I got it in the mail. I really like that print, it’s way more fun than my black pair.

My big purchase was kinda sorta planned. I admired these Chanel sling-backs for the longest and wanted them so badly. They were sold out, I considered buying a gently used version but didn’t pull the trigger because most of them were price higher than retail. I ended up getting this knock off version and they confirmed how much I loved this style. While in New Orleans, my friend was looking for a nice coat for an upcoming trip and I recommended we go to Saks that was across the street. She was looking around and I found myself naturally in the shoe section and decided to try the Chanel flats to figure out my size (that’s another pair that I always wanted). When I picked up the classic two tone flats I noticed these sling-backs and could not believe my eyes. The rest is history. They surprisingly ran big for me, in European sizes I’m always a 38 but had to size down to a 37 in these.

two tone Chanel slingback pumps black and beige

I haven’t worn them yet, I am getting them resoled first. I started doing that with all my nice shoes so that they can last me even longer.

Not sure when I’ll do a post like this again to be honest, maybe in another 3 months or more. I do want to share this post with you for when you are considering going shopping. I kept all my receipts from my latest purchases, if after a few days I felt like I made an impulse buy then I just returned that item. This time I did ok, all my returns were mostly fit related, I ordered a lot of similar pieces and only kept the best. I did randomly order a pair of white jeans, once they came in the mail, I realized that I didn’t need them. I already have a nice pair of white jeans that I don’t even wear all that often.

I now totally follow the advice in the post that I shared above, when I feel the need to shop I try to spend some time in my closet and try on my existing clothes. If you’re wondering, it is not lost on me that I only purchase black and camel things. I didn’t realize that until after I put this together.

Have a great weekend! The weekly newsletter will be out on Sunday morning.

What I Wore To Work
Camo Jacket & Grey Sweater + Weekend Highlights

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