best restaurants in new orleans

Best Restaurants in New Orleans

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best restaurants in new orleans

I dreaded doing this post because I knew it would be lengthy. I was so impressed with the food scene in New Orleans, I enjoyed some of the best foods I’ve had in a while and I cannot wait to go back because there’s so many more restaurants I didn’t get to try. I will share them at the end of this post.

So when I first got there, the very first place I tried was Willa Jean. It’s a cute little spot perfect for breakfast and lunch. It was close to my hotel so it quickly became my go-to place before work duties. I had to be up really early during the conference and thankfully they opened at 7am. They have the most delicious latte, called Milk Money Latte made with vanilla bean infused milk, trust me if you ever go there make sure to try it. I had the WJ breakfast, the biscuit and chicken, the banana bread, the Willa Jean cornbread and they were all delicious.

willa jeans new orleans

I also tried their salmon toast, it was very good. This is the hot version of the milk money latte below.

new orleans salmon toast willa jean

When I was done with the conference, I had the time to try on some new spots and Luke was one of them. Guys! This is one of the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. It was so good, before heading to the airport I went there again to have it one last time. It had peppered jelly and pecan butter, TO DIE FOR!

Luke New Orleans Review

It’s also a super cute spot, I loved the bar. I am also obsessed with their french pressed coffee, sooo good!

inside Luke New Orleans

Another great breakfast spot was Stanley. I had the soft shell crab and shrimp platter egg benedict, it was incredible. Also shared the banana foster french toast and it was finger licking good. Yes those are plantain chips and ice cream on top of it.

stanley new orleans

It’s in the french quarter, perfect location to walk around after a delicious breakfast.

stanley new orleans front

The first place I had dinner was at Trenasse. It was amazing, I ate several other appetizers but didn’t get to photograph them. I had the Crispy Boudin Balls, Crispy Red Chili Shrimp and lots of oysters. My entrée was the Smokey Braised Short Ribs and for dessert I had the creme brulée, both were a delight.

trenasse new orleans

OMG Cochon was one of the restaurant I so wanted to go back to. The restaurant is huge and was packed. The service, food, drink, everything was marvelous. I also had a lot of appetizers that I didn’t get to capture. I had the boucherie plate, wood-fired oysters with chili garlic butter, fried alligator with chili garlic mayonnaise (this one was just ok), smoked pork ribs with watermelon pickle. For dinner I had the most amazing dish, the oven-roasted gulf fish “fisherman’s style” was to die for. Their macaroni & cheese casserole is one of the best I’ve ever had.

cochon new orleans

Well of course I went to Brennan’s, the service there is insane. They make you feel special. This restaurant is so pretty, if you ever go ask to be seated in the pink room. I had the grilled fois gras, the stuffed pappardelle and the best Praline Leidenheimer bread pudding I’ve ever had. It was to die for and I even looked up the recipe because I just have to eat it again.

brennans new orleans

Brennan’s is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience.

Brennan's New Orleans reviewbrennan's new orleans pink room

Even the bathroom at Brennan’s is spectacular.
Brennan's bathroom

Another fabulous old restaurant in New Orleans is Commander’s Palace. I sound like a broken record but this was one of the best meal I’ve ever had. Everything was a delight. This is another gorgeous restaurant with great decor and spectacular service. Everyone was so attentive, I loooved this place. This is the perfect restaurant to celebrate a special event.

commander's palace new orleans

Their whisky smash was simply amazing, they made it with Maker’s Mark which my favorite bourbon.

commander's palace whisky smash

My last dinner in NOLA was at Compère Lapin I devoured the appetizers and took a pic after I started eating. They give biscuits instead of bread and it was THE BEST I had in Nola. We ended up asking for extra biscuits, we were full but they were so amazing with the honey butter. Also had the Conch Croquette and Cold Smoked Tuna Tartare/Avocado/Crispy Bananas. For dinner I had the Curried Goat/Sweet Potato Gnocchi/Cashews, this dish was amazing. I wanted extra biscuits to dip in the sauce but of course I didn’t do that lol. If you don’t eat meat they have a wonderful butternut squash roasted ravioli you can enjoy, it’s off the menu. My other friend had the Scialatielli/Clams/Shrimp/Cauliflower, I tried it and if you love clams this is for you.

compere lapin new orleans

I love restaurants with pretty or unique decor, Compère Lapin was the latter. Our server was so fun and so helpful.

compere lapin interior compere lapin interior 2 compere lapin interior 1

They are big on unique cocktails and the Fronds Gruber was amazing. I had a glass of wine with dinner after that.

compere lapin drink

No trip in NOLA is over without a stop at Café du Monde. The beignets were alright, honestly I’ve had better.

cafe du monde new orleans

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try all the restaurants I wanted. Here are a few I wanted to check out, obviously I need to go back.


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