Affordable Fall Fashion by Amazon

Denim Jacket & Plaid Dress
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affordable fall fashion from amazon

This post came about because I love this pullover fleece by J.Crew but even on sale it was too expensive and I couldn’t justify spending $50+ on an item I might not even wear next year. So I stumbled upon this version on Amazon and after a quick browse I noticed many super cute Fall tops that were affordable and they all have 4 stars review or more and are Prime eligible. Ultimately I found out I cannot pull off the fleece pullover look, I end up looking like a stuffed animal and that’s a no-no in my book.

I have trips to New York and California planned for this month and next, if you read my newsletter you know about my latest closet cleaning. The great majority of my jackets didn’t make it and currently I almost have no Fall/Winter friendly jackets. So I’m on the hunt for a camel and black one, as well as a sweater jacket. I also wanted a couple cute cold weather friendly tops. I’ve ordering and returning A LOT. No worries once I find pieces worth keeping I will share them with you, since Fall/Winter are not major seasons where I live, I don’t want to spend a lot on these items. Even if I’ll get to use them a lot on my trips. Here’s part of my search, once I settle on a few pieces I will share them.

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J.Crew Factory is another place with lots of affordable options.


Denim Jacket & Plaid Dress
Best Restaurants in New Orleans