Plaid Blazer, Black Jeans & Gucci Loafer Mules
Latest Favorites - Food Edition

Hey guys! Today I am joining What’s Up Wednesday with MelSheafferShay. I’m answering all the questions that applies to me and the travel day outfits I’ve worn recently.

What I’m eatingAfter a week in NOLA, I almost turned into a biscuit. I ate such good and not so healthy food, don’t get me wrong I have zero regrets and don’t feel bad AT ALL. This week I’m back to a more wholesome diet, full of fruits and veggies. See an example below, it was Monday’s breakfast. Thankfully, I walked a lot while I was there because I also didn’t do a single workout. healthy breakfast spinach sweet potaotes scrambled eggs

What I’m loving: The Fall weather I experienced in NOLA, it was so nice. Meanwhile, it is still so warm here, I took a few outfit pics while I was there that I will share over the next few weeks. It’s fun to finally have some layered looks to share for Fall. I wore this knit bomber so much in NOLA,  it is the perfect weight and I just love it!camo bomber

What I’m excited about: My holiday break, I mentioned this a few weeks ago but I’m taking a break in December. My last post for the year will be on Friday, November 30th. This is the longest blogging break I’ver ever taken and I’m excited for some time off work as well.

What I’m watching: Bodyguard on Netflix is so good, I just finished it, it’s a short series of only 6 episodes. I started Sabrina and yikes! This version is a lot spookier than the old Sabrina I used to watch. A friend mentioned these to me and I watched these two episodes (Part 1 & Part 2) with Will and Jada, they have such an interesting relationship.

What I’m wearing: I admire people who are all dressed up when traveling, I am always in leggings and here are the two travel looks I wore last week. These leggings are the best!

cute travel outfits with leggings

Camo Bomber // Tee // Leggings // Mini Bag // Backpack // Slip ons

Plaid Shirt // Tee // Leggings // Mini Bag // Backpack // Slip ons


What I’m looking forward to next month: I’m heading to NYC next month for a long weekend and California in December. I am so excited!

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Plaid Blazer, Black Jeans & Gucci Loafer Mules
Latest Favorites - Food Edition

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