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Not So Minimal :: Capsule Wardrobe

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10 pieces 10 outfits

2 years ago I decided to stop buying active-wear, I have a lot of them and was constantly wearing the same pieces and buying new ones occasionally. I got frustrated when my drawer was just overflowing with stuff, so I donated some to friends, kept my favorites and put them on rotation until it’s time to do laundry. That way I get to wear everything and now I cannot justify buying new ones because I know I have enough.

One of the worst habits I have, is loving the novelty of something new. Once I have a new shirt or dress, it becomes my favorite thing and I want to wear it all the time. Sometimes this bad habit drives me to purchase the exact same item in multiple colors. As I’ve said before I hate to blogging culture of always wearing new things, now I know I probably have more clothes than the average person, but I want this blog to inspire you to find new ways to wear what you already have, not influence you to constantly buy new things.

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided to create a capsule that would help with that. I often hate how restrictive most capsules are, I want to be able to wear all my shoes, purses and accessories. Shoes are my favorites and I really wear all of them unless I have weather restrictions. My style is not minimal and I don’t see myself only wearing neutral colors, hence the Not So Minimal Capsule Wardrobe name. Also I want this capsule to easily be customizable based on your personal style, for example I wear flats a lot but if you prefer heels you can easily swap that out.

So each month I want to pick 10 existing items from my closet  that I have to create 10 outfits to wear over the course of 10 days. This is to ensure that I actually enjoy everything I have and not just wear whatever that is new-ish. Even if you cannot follow this to the T, I hope it will inspire you to put your wardrobe to work.

I’ll try to get a post up monthly but may have to skip one depending on how busy life gets. I’m sure most of you wear more than 10 outfits monthly, this is not a capsule to tell you how to dress everyday. Rather one that encourages you to make use of what you have. These outfits will mostly be work and casual outfits, since these are the most common. Fancy going out, date and so on outfits are suppose to be fun and spontaneous so I wouldn’t want to be tied to a strict capsule. So yes I want to wear all these 10 outfits monthly but I can also wear other outfits in addition to them.

10 classic pieces

This month’s 10 pieces are pretty basic, I picked 4 tops, 4 bottoms and 2 layers.

White Shirt // Stripe Tee // Denim Shirt // Bold Shirt // Denim Jacket // White Blazer // High Waist Pants // Olive Pants // Jeans // Blue Skirt

Now obviously some of my pieces are long gone but I encourage to focus on finding similar items in your closet not necessarily the exact one I’m wearing. I did make sure to share the exact ones if the are available and some similar piece. I’ve been wearing these outfits since the beginning of August and since I have all of them on my phone, I can easily refer back to them when getting ready in the morning. Sharing how to get a printable and phone friendly version at the end of this post.

Here are the 10 outfits I came up with.

not so minimal capsule wardrobe 10 pieces 10 outfits 1

Here are the shoes featured above. I am also wearing this black tote, camel tote and backpack.

These types of posts are extremely time consuming, so on the weeks I share them I will have to cut back one post. So there will be a new post here on Friday.

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