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Denim ruffle off the shoulder dress

Happy Friday guys! You guys remember that dress right? When that dress came out, I had to track it down to find my size, it was sold out everywhere. It was from the first collaboration between Alexa Chung & AG. Now every year since, you can find a version of that dress everywhere. I still love and wear it and you can find several versions of it below.

I started this blog in an effort to dress better and keep myself accountable. I wanted to built my work wardrobe and make sure to remain sharp and well dressed everyday, and possibly inspire you to do the same. When I started blogging I didn’t realize how many people were already sharing their personal style online. Fast track to 6 years later fashion, personal style blogs are everywhere, they are mentioned in major movies, TV commercials, some bloggers are even minor celebrities. Which I think is great, so many women have turned their blogs into legit businesses.

Something however never sat well with me, see I don’t like excess. This isn’t in anyway a judgement towards anyone, just me sharing my personal experience. So yea I love shopping as much as the next girl, a perfect Sunday for me is brunch followed by some light shopping. However, I became uncomfortable with the amount a clothes I had, the constant packages arriving at my door and the fact that all carriers knew me personally.

I watched a documentary on Netflix about 2 years ago I think, called Minimalism – A documentary about the important things. It really got me thinking but then I went back to my regular ways. 2016/2017 were challenging years for me, not that anything went terribly wrong but I constantly felt uneasy, it is the weirdest feeling. I just felt like something was off and after reading several self help books (hey no shame here), I started working on different aspects of my life. Some are more personal, I worked on focusing on the things that are really important to me, closely monitored how I choose to spend my time and with whom. That’s a different subject I won’t get into at least not now because I want to stay on topic. So here I will mainly share how I wanted to be a better consumer.

Yes times have changed and we don’t buy things that are suppose to last us a lifetime anymore, but buying a new pair of jeans every other week was just too much for me. My friend Gina encouraged me to share mu closet clean out process on the blog but I wanted to give you guys the back story to what prompted this change. I thought about quitting blogging but see I love fashion and dressing up so I would be bummed to no longer have this outlet. I figured maybe I can share my own personal way of shopping, dressing and picking out things I know I will love for more than a couple of weeks.

First I started with a massive closet clean out (that is still ongoing btw), but see I’ve done several of those before only to go back to binge buying a bunch of new stuff at the next super amazing 40% off sales. So this cannot be shared in one post, this post alone is far to wordy for me( writing is not my forté). But in future posts I will share how I decide what to part ways with, how I curve the urge to go buy ALL THE THINGS. I will be sharing old pieces a lot more because I have less now and what this experience has thought me so far.

What I’m Wearing :: sunglasses // earrings  // necklace // bracelet // bangles // belt // dress // c/o shoes // bag (save versions here & here)

summer outfit with denim ruffle dress and leather belt

No worries I am not a Minimalist in any way, shape or form, I won’t encourage you to wear a black t-shirt and jeans everyday. Seriously that my version of hell. I just don’t want to build a community of constantly encouraging people to buy new things that they perhaps don’t even need. I will however still share my outfits, latest purchases and favorites with you, but perhaps I won’t be wearing something new every single week. Most of all I want a well curated closet made of fewer and better things, so if that sounds appealing to you maybe we can help and support each other in that process.

Also I have a lot of other interests, fitness, food, reading, omg I’m obsessed with skincare (I want flawless skin damn it). So if I ever run out of cute outfits to share, we can alway talk about these other topics at times. But seriously there’s so many ways you can style one item and I want to bring back the Personal to this style blog.

In the meantime, I can already say that a slimmer closet makes getting dressed so much easier. If you guys have any questions as well, please feel free to ask.

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Book Review #1
Cami over T-Shirt

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