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Hey guys! I’m skipping posting tomorrow so that I could join Steph and Jana, thanks to  Gina for inviting me to read Rhythm, Cord & Malykhin along with her. I will review that and some of the other books I’ve read lately. I will rate each book by giving them one to five stars. I do love to read and try to read one or more books weekly, so if you guys enjoy these posts I will for sure keep them coming.

yuval noah harari sapiens book reviewSapiens is written by an Historian and I honestly feel like it should be mandatory reading in school. So many facts I didn’t know, I learned so much and I personally loved how it explained the role we played and continue to play in our ecosystem. If you never cared for history, this book will change your mind I swear.

Verdict: 5 stars, I highly recommend this book.

one of us is lying book review

One of us is lying is everything Sapiens is not. I was looking for a lighter read and I’m usually not a fan of young adult books but this was such a fun read. I do hope they turn it in a movie, if you love movies like 16 candles, pretty in pink, the heathers, you know teen drama, you will love this. It’s just more modern and filled with twists and turns

Verdict: 5 Stars. For this genre this book is awesome.

min jin lee pachinko book review

Pachinko, I hesitated a lot before picking this one up. It goes over 4 generations of a Korean family and their struggles. it’s a long book but a very interesting one. I don’t want to give anything away but the story is touching and filled with life lessons. This book made me angry and sad at times, I do think it could have been edited a bit more.

Verdict: 4.5 Stars, removing half a star only because I feel like this book could have edited more.

mariana zapata rhytm chord & malykhin book review

Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin was my second book by this author. It’s a light read about a girl who joins her brother’s band on tour and end up falling for one of the guys touring with them. To be honest I preferred the Wall of Winnipeg and Me but this was a fun read on days I didn’t want anything too heavy.

Verdict: 3.5 stars. I was able to finish and enjoy this book.

esther perel the state of affairs book review

The State of Affairs, Ok first of all this is highly biased because I love Esther Perel and have watched every videos of her talks on YouTube, you should start with her Ted Talk. Whether you’re single or not this book is a great one as this is an issue we are all familiar with wether it is about us, family members or friends. I did read Mating in captivity and her latest.

Verdict: 5 Stars.


Eyelet Top & Denim Bermuda Shorts
An Old Dress and Redefining my Blog Focus