Stripe Top & Paper Bag Waist Shorts
White Blouse & Skinny Jeans

As promised today let’s tackle part two of the work wardrobe must haves. You can check out part one here if you missed it. When it comes to building a great work wardrobe, I say get your necessary basics first, then you can rely on fun accessories to give your outfits some personality.

Let’s start with Flats, I wear mine to death so I absolutely need a nice selection. I love heels but comfort is a big deal to me and I have no desire to walk around in high heels every single day. I love my flats with both a rounded or pointed toe. My all time favorite pair are the Varina by Ferragamo. They are expensive but the colorful ones often go on sale at Saks, Neiman, Farfetch and more. Here are a few options that I recommend:

business casual work outfit with pussy bow blouse

Straight or A line skirts, these are not exactly pencil skirts, they have more wiggle room and I love that. I usually prefer them above the knee but that’s a personal choice and also depends on the dress code in your office. Some great options to check out below.

Stripe Shirt, a great one is an absolute must for me, if you are not new here then this is no surprise. Stripes as far as I’m concerned are neutral, they go with everything. I have several stripe shirts and I will just go ahead and share all my favorites with you.

work outfit with olive green midi skirt

Midi skirst are another type of skirts I love, they are more conservative and so fun to wear. I only have a couple, I always have to get mine altered because of my 5’4 frame. The one above was a lot longer when I got it. They look great with button down shirts too.

striped shirtdress with flats

Shirt-dresses are such a life saver, they are classic and make dressing for work so much easier. I have just a couple but I wear them all the time. If they are sleeveless I usually pair them with a cardigan or blazer. I shared some of my favorite cardigans and blazers in the previous post.

Hope you found this post helpful, if you would like me to cover any particular pieces, let me know in the comments. Thank you for stopping by and see you back Friday for a new post.


Stripe Top & Paper Bag Waist Shorts
White Blouse & Skinny Jeans

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