Long Kimono with Jeans Night Out Outfit
Plaid Blazer, Striped Shirt, Grey Jeans & Black Ankle Bootie

10 Pieces on my Spring Wishlist 2018

Silky Shirt // Embroidered Dress // White Slip Ons // Blocked Heels // White Pants // Striped Tee // Pink Cami // Yellow Heels // Loafer Mules // Beige Shorts

Spring is about a month away and to know me is to know that I’m all about Spring fashion. I’ve been working on downsizing my closet for the past couple of years but Spring is my favorite shopping season. So naturally I want everything! To justify shopping for new pieces, since late December I’ve been de-cluttering my closet and putting items that aren’t getting much love on eBay. I’m of course using my eBay income to finance the items on my wish-list and so far so good. I know eBay is a chore but this time around it was so worth it, I put a lot of my statement jewelry on there, sunglasses and some clothing that I knew would do well. So far I’ve sold over 20 items and made over $700, I’m personally happy with my results because I really wasn’t using any of these items. (PS: I take really good care of my clothes, jewelry and shoes and I think that helps a lot when reselling.)

I took the time to really go through what I have and what I tend to wear the most to justify these purchases, so let’s go through each item.

Silky Shirt: I’ve come to terms with the fact that I prefer simple clothing, I constantly reaching out for my white blouses and camisoles when going out. I pair them with jeans, shorts, mini skirts and so on. I love how a silky top looks more luxe and dressed up. I have yet pulled the trigger on one, but I know I want one. The ones below are some of my favorites.

Embroidered Dress: Last year by accident I ended up with two new embroidered dress, I was surprised how often I reached out for them and they were popular with everyone else. I do want one or two more this year but I have to make sure they work well for my body type and that I would wear them more than once.

Nude/White Slip Ons: I got a pair of Vince slip ons during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and they are one of my most worn shoes, I found myself wishing I had a light colored pair and recently picked up this one that is already sold out in the natural color. (wearing it here) I love it! It has the shape of the Miu Miu pair I’m obsessed with but is a lot less expensive. On the site they say to order half a size up but I got my true size and it fits perfectly. If your feet are wider you might have to go half a size up.

3 inch Blocked Heels: I love how comfortable blocked heels are, all of mine are 4 inches plus so I really wanted more of a mid heel. It’s just the perfect height to easily dress up or down. I got this pair and get ready to see it a whole lot, I’m seriously considering getting it in red as well. It’s so comfortable and adorable.

White Pants: I struggle a lot with white pants, it’s so hard to find a perfect pair and for the longest time I didn’t have one. They are high maintenance but they look great for Spring/Summer. I ordered and returned quite a few pairs, during the major final sale J.Crew was having I grabbed this pair for $17 knowing it wouldn’t be much of a loss if it didn’t work out, well they are perfect! They reviews were not so great on them, good thing I didn’t pay attention to that. Now I know the Martie pants from J.Crew are a great fit for curvy gals.

Striped Tee: I said striped tee but I’m thinking more any lightweight striped tops. I love my stripes and reach out for them often, so I love to have a variety of them as I go through them fairly quickly. I recently got that one that I know I will be wearing to death, I wish it came in other colors.

V-Neck Cami: I gave up on Express for camis, J.Crew came out with this new style that fits perfectly on me. I already have it in 3 colors (white, pink & black). For reference I wear a 4 petite. ASOS also makes this super cute swing cami that is only $19, I have it in white and love that the straps are adjustable. (Find it in black here)

Mustard Yellow Accent: This really should have been the “Color of the Year”. I don’t want to go crazy with it but a few accent here and there will make your wardrobe brighter and happier. I already have pants in that color so I think I’m done.

Loafer Mules: I resisted this one forever but once I started seeing the light colored ones I was intrigued. I pre-ordered this pair and really hope it works out because I think they are adorable. I can even wear them to work. I’ll keep you posted on that one. There’s tons available right now at all price points.

Beige/White Shorts: I got this pair in black last year and wore it to death. It looks casual but can easily be dressed up with the right camisole or silky blouse. I love adding a kimono over as well. These types of shorts are hard to find, the best ones I’ve noticed are quite expensive. These white shorts came in the mail yesterday, it’s cute but on the short side.

WOW this post ended up being longer than I expected, but I really want to do it because I think that carefully planning your purchases is a great way to avoid ending up with items that you perhaps didn’t really need. I also know that these pieces will work great with what I already have and get ready to see them styled over the next few months here. Maybe I should work on a little Spring capsule wardrobe, what do you think?


Long Kimono with Jeans Night Out Outfit
Plaid Blazer, Striped Shirt, Grey Jeans & Black Ankle Bootie

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