Black Leather Jacket & Floral Blouse
Black Jacket & Striped Shirt

Best Purchases of 2017

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I’ve never done a post like this because I feel like 2017 was the first year I was a more intentional shopper. Yes I did have a few slip ups here and there but overall my shopping was kept to a minimum. I made a LOT of returns, let me tell you. Most of my impulse buys ended up going right back. With that a few items totally stood out to me because the made my life a lot easier and I’ve been enjoying using or wearing so much. So here are my best purchases of 2017.

1– I love these shorts so much that I may end up getting a second pair. I wore them a lot, several times I went to reached out for them but was frustrated because they were dirty.

2– This is my only pair of Good American jeans but they quickly became a favorite, I’ve been wearing them a lot which is a good sign, they do run big I recommend going a size down.

3– I knew I love these slip ons but I never thought I would wear them so often, they were worth every penny and are so comfortable. I went down half a size, I also love them in pink and grey.

4– I saved for these booties and I’m so glad I did. They are the best! Extremely comfortable, didn’t need breaking in and they look as new as the day I got them after wearing them so many times. A very good splurge that I know I will wear for years to come.

5– My audible subscription brought so much value to my life, this is one of the best little luxury I got this year.

6– I thought Glossier was just another hot brand, but this serum has been a life saver as far as keeping new breakouts at bay. I’m on my second bottle and it’s officially part of my beauty regimen.

7– My Firestick, oh how I love it, I had an Apple TV before but this is so much cheaper and you get wayyy more bang for your buck. I even have the audible app on it to listen to my books via the TV.

8– I started doing my gel manis at home this year and was worried because I didn’t have a fancy UV light lamp, this one does the job and was only $35. I get my gel polished here.

9– I didn’t need a new bag but I just loved this little backpack, sure enough I am using it way more than I intended to. It’s perfect for the girl on the go, I even wear it to work. The size is perfect.

10– Yes I have all three of these wedges they are my go-to heels for work and more. They are well priced and the quality is perfect!

11– Same story again, these became my go-to going out sandals, the patent leather makes them dressy and the simple design matches almost all outfits. The heels are not too high, I just added these cushions to them and they can be worn for hours without any discomfort.

So what are some of your favorite 2017 purchases

Black Leather Jacket & Floral Blouse
Black Jacket & Striped Shirt

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