White Tee & Good American Jeans
Striped Shirtdress for Work

Hey guys! You know what time it is, sharing my latest work outfits with you. That skirt was super tight a few weeks ago but it fits again. I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian meals and I think that helped me shed a few pound, I can tell by the fit of my clothes. I’ve been diligent about taking pics of my meals so I will share them with you in the next health & fitness update.
work outfit with pink shirt and paper bag skirt

shirt // skirt // flats // bag // necklace

Zan Style gifted me this adorable dress and it is a life saver for Summer. It is lightweight and can be totally worn on weekends with sandal minus the cardigan.

work outfit with shirtdress

cardigan // dress // flats // necklace // bag

2 more pieces from Zan Style, they are also available on Amazon. These pants are everything and fit amazingly.

work outfit beige pants

top // pants // sandals // bag // necklace

Good thing Gap keeps making blouses like this one that is long gone. It is a favorite of mine and here I’m pairing it with my favorite utility pants. I’m so happy I got these pants because the cost per wear now is ridiculous, thankfully they are still available and often on sale.

work outfit with utility pants and eyelet blouse

top // pants // flats // necklace // bag



White Tee & Good American Jeans
Striped Shirtdress for Work
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