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At first I was thinking on not doing these posts anymore but you guys voted to keep them on the survey so here we go. So a few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and it wasn’t pretty lol. I decided to tweak my diet a bit and try to lose those 8 pounds. The pic below is my typical breakfast now, scrambled egg white with spinach and mushroom. I usually have that with a banana and coffee. The pic above is a typical weekend breakfast.healthy breakfast scrambled eggs with veggies

Overall I’m trying to watch my carbs and sugar intake. I gave up my talenti gelato and went back to my Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars.

summer salad with chickpeasTo be perfectly honest I am not a salad lover, but Clean Food Crush has me hooked on her delicious salad recipes. The one above is one of them and they are so good and hearty. I mostly follow her on instagram and save my favorite recipes. The pic above is that recipe. I’ve also nailed down two great smoothie recipes that I will share next month, I need to remember to take pictures.zoodles with tomato sauce and bacon

I had to replace my beloved pasta with zoodles, I totally improvised on this and it came out delicious.

  1. First, spiralize your zucchini, I know Whole Foods now sales pre spiralized veggies. I make sure to let them sit in napkins for a while to absorb all the moisture.
  2. I heat up a nonstick pan and add 2 slices of bacon. I get my bacon in the meat section at Whole Foods, I personally love the black forest and maple. Once my bacon is all cooked, I put them aside in a plate and chop them up in small pieces.  I throw away 3/4 of the bacon fat left in the pan and add one clove of crushed garlic in the hot bacon fat.
  3. Then I add the zucchini to the bacon fat and garlic mix. Toss is well and sprinkle some salt and pepper to the mix. I then add about half a cup of Trader Joe’s Three Cheese Pomodoro Pasta Sauce, followed by the bacon I sat aside. I pretty much turn off the heat immediately after, plate my zoodles and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top.

This is a list of the ingredients to make one serving: 2 zucchinis, 2 slices of bacon, 1 clove of garlic, 1/2 a cup of Three Cheese Pomodoro Pasta sauce, salt and pepper.

Fitness – I’ve been stepping up my workouts as well and started adding some extra cardio sessions. This is what they looked like for the past 3 weeks. While I love doing Cathe’s workouts I often skip her abs routines, so on Fridays I started doing BBG 2 again but just the Abs section. For everything else I’ve been doing Cathe’s and walking and running in the park.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

You do need workout equipment to do these, I have dumbbells ranging from 5lb to 30 lb, step with risers, resistance bands, barbell, stability ball, a bosu and gliding discs. I recently got this mat to protect the tile in my apartment.

Next Month Goals

I hope to shed those few extra pounds.

  • Fitness – Keep up with my curent routine
  • Diet  – Clean out my diet, avoid sugar and bad carbs as much as possible

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Yellow Scallop Trim Dress
Summer Night Out Outfit

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