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Gold Pink & Grey Eclectic Mid Century Living Room

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Hey guys! Another home update is finally live, yes it took me forever but this is a one woman show so bare with me. I decided to show it even though it’s not fully complete, I do want to add a few more art work on the wall above the couch and I want a plant or two. I am not spending money on home stuff right now so that’s for later.

It’s weird but I had a very clear idea of what I wanted the living room to look like, just like my bedroom. I knew I loved a mid century living room, but I wanted mine with a girly twist. It was just frustrating finding exactly what I wanted at a great price point. Slowly but surely it came together, I wanted this space to have more personality while I wanted my bedroom to be simple and serene. I was so set to on a mid century style grey couch, but all the ones I love were so expensive and the cheaper ones just didn’t do it for me. I finally gave up and was going to get this simple couch in grey, in the showroom as I was about to pay I stumbled upon this couch that just came in. So I immediately stopped to check out the new couch and sure enough it was the one and the price was even better. Originally this was my dream couch (I still love it), but I adore my couch and it is so comfy.
pink and grey living room decor

I ended up getting the exact coffee table I shared in my living room inspiration post, and on major sale at that. I’m telling you Macy’s has some cute coffee tables and if you stalk them long enough you can get them at up to 50% off. I was worried about the quality and hassle of having to ship back, well it was super easy to assemble, sturdy and it looks great. Actually the side table version of my coffee table is on sale for a steal.

One piece I really couldn’t find at a good price was a media center. I ended up getting an inexpensive one because I needed something to put my TV on. I still want a nicer one but I’m still room with pink and gold decor

Every single piece I got has a story lol, I guess this is why it took me so long to get this post together. Before my move I started stalking Home Goods more and more, I even figured out when they get new arrivals and spent weeks dropping by just to see. This is where I got my tray, I loved the iridescent pearl look and how it complimented my gold accents perfectly. I spent quite some time styling this tray, I got random pieces here and there and finally made them work together. I knew I wanted thin candle holders and I got these on the clearance section at pier one for a steal. I’m talking less than $10. I also picked up this Chanel book collection, this mini pineapple container that is filled with chocolate (fyi if you ever visit me).tray decor

I always have coasters on my table and these silicons ones fits the bill.

living room with gold coffee rable

Months before I moved I signed up for emails for all the home decor stores I love, Article was having a sale and I picked up this cute lamp, it’s so unique. Mine is the gold 10″, it also comes in 14 inches and more colors. I knew I wanted it on a side table, this mushroom antiqued brass table was just what I was looking for. It has personality and is a unique piece.

side table with Article Pom lamp

Again, I knew what kind of rug I wanted. I wanted it to be bold but still fit in nicely with everything else. Then one day I stumbled upon that one and ordered it immediately. I didn’t know I wanted a round rug until I saw that one. I wanted my rug to be protected but I had no clue about rug pads and didn’t have the time to do the research. A few weeks after my move, Rug Pad USA contacted me and helped me find the perfect rug pad. It fits my round rug perfectly and is anti slip. They carry rug pads for all types of floors so be sure to check them out.

Finding an accent chair was also a mission, I was set on that one but the price point wasn’t in line with my budget. I looked and looked and finally stumbled upon this beauty, and how cute is this pillow?

mid century modern pink chair

This throw is my favorite, originally I wanted one of these, but they are really pricey and probably too much for a place like South Florida. It’s the perfect cover to snuggle while binge watching a show on Netflix.

antique gold mushroom side table

I wanted ottomans but I ended returning the grey ones I got. When I saw these raffia stools online, I loved the look and knew they would be a nice touch. I did some research and Ikea sold them at the perfect price. I drove there and picked up two. They are the perfect foot rest.

living room with straw raffia ottoman living with colorful eclectic rug mid century modern grey couch

So this is the real reason it took forever to get this post together, my place has this weird wall niche that I’m guessing is for a TV unit. Even my small flat screen TV wouldn’t fit in there so I wanted to do something fun, easy and unique in there. After weeks of brainstorming, I started this low cost project. Thankfully it went well and now I love it.

I got striped wallpaper and golden polka dots decals, and voila! This fab hammered vase matches my side table perfectly. I added fake cotton stems in them that I got at Hobby Lobby.. Everything else is from Home Goods, except for that jade container that’s from HM Home.

wall niche after

I love the look of these tall candlesticks and I knew I wanted one in there, being in Florida I’m sure it will be handy one day.

wall nich decor with black stripes walls and polka dot cealings

I also really wanted this clock, it was out of my budget so I had to let it go *enter sad face here*. The one I got is not exactly the look I wanted but the price tag was perfect so I went for it. I know this space might look kind of bare but I really wanted to have just the essentials, and my living is also my gym so I can easily workout without have to move stuff around too much.

how to decorate a wall niche wall niche with striped wall and cotton stem bouquet








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