My White Bedroom
Paper Bag Skirt

Hey guys! It’s that time again, I have to be honest getting dressed 3 times weekly for work is very convenient. I know it’s less outfits for you but I think they will improve in quality. I also do less laundry and after my huge purge during my move, I don’t really feel the need to replace certain pieces. Now funny enough I did notice a lack of lounge/sleepwear, which makes sense because I’m home more often. I’m sorry but I’m not one of those people that wear jeans at home, these camis and pants are just better. Maybe If I worked solely from home I would think differently but Gap sure has some cute sleepwear and loungewear.

This skirt is so cute, love it when J.Crew get it so right.
work outfit with j.crew skirt and cardigan

cardigan // cami // skirt // flats // earrings // necklace

This is a lot like last week’s outfit, I just love that skirt so much.

work outfit with red striped skirt

shirt // skirt // flats // bracelet

I still need to get the waist taken in, but I just love these culottes.

work outfit with culotte trousers
tee // culotte // sandals // rings c/o here and here



My White Bedroom
Paper Bag Skirt
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