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I usually publish these first week of the month but these past few weeks were challenging but better late than never right? This past month has been very inconsistent for me health and fitness wise, I was moving so for a while I couldn’t cook and ate out a lot, I also missed quite a few workouts. This move was physically straining, my back was killing me every night the weekend of the move. The actual day of the move the health app told me I climbed 22 floors, I didn’t have my phone on me most of the time so I was shocked. Thankfully last week I did sneak in a few workouts and this week I’m hoping to get back to my regular schedule, and so far I’ve done all my workouts. Hopefully this week mark my beginning on getting back on my healthy wagon.

cute workout outfit

tee // leggings // sunglasses // c/o Nike via Kicks USA

I’m still doing Cathe’s workouts and I started doing my long walks again, thankfully I live within walking distance of a very pretty park so that’s convenient. I’ve been on an active-wear shopping ban for almost a year now, but I recently found holes in my two favorite workout sneakers. When KicksUSA reached to me I was so excited, perfect timing right? I went for these pure white Nike Airmax and I’m loving them. This is my 4 pair of Airmax, this style works for me and offers extra cushion. Love the clean look of this pristine white pair.

white nike workout sneakers

I would say my diet was just OK, I saw a new donuts shop close to where I live and I had to try it right? I rarely have donuts and this one was decadent and oh so sweet. To be honest I didn’t feel so good after eating it, but hey at least I got a cute IG pic out of it.

brunch at home

I started cooking again, my fridge is finally filled with home cooked meals. I made this butternut squash pasta carbonara again by this time with penne.pasta and salad

If you follow me on snapchat(@pinksole_rach) you’ve seen me make cauliflower rice over and over again, this weekend I made a new version of it loosely based on this recipe. In mine I added kale, green, red, yellow peppers and peas. I used homemade chicken stock instead of water for more flavor but didn’t add the chicken. It came out so good and is a great side or main dish, great way to eat extra veggies.cauliflower rice

I’m always looking for healthy alternatives of my favorite meal, and these protein pancakes came out so good, I added blueberries to my batter.
protein pancakes

trader joe's chocolate lava cake cashew milk


On weekends I always love to have dessert, I try to get it ahead of time so that I don’t have to make the decision when the craving strikes.This is the chocolate lava cake from Trader Joe’s and the most amazing Talenti Gelato I’ve had so far, the Toasted Almond.

I found cashew milk in this grocery store in my new neighborhood and boy is it delicious. It it my new creamer, I don’t even get the Califia creamer I mentioned in this post anymore. This is just perfect. This week I tried milked hazelnut as well and I am in love, they are so creamy.




This an example of my at home weekend dinner, since it was pretty healthy that’s why I treated myself to the cake and ice cream above.
healthy at home dinner

In there I have naan, cauliflower rice, chicken and lentils. I’ve been following this recipe when making lentils and it is delicious and so good for you. It goes great with rice, naan, sweet potatoes, everything!

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What I Wore To Work
Currently Craving
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