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sweet potato avocado and egg on top breakfast

Happy Friday guys! In high school I really loved the band Outkast and I still do, I just love André 3000. In one of their favorite songs of mine, there’s a line that goes “You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather“. That line spoke to me last month because nothing went as planned, absolutely nothing. I may have been posting on the blog or social media but it’s only because I tend to plan ahead so I had ready to go content. Since I meal prep a lot and always make extra servings my freezer is always filled with frozen meals and that totally saved me. Part of March I barely ate because I was so stressed out, the third week of march things settled a lot and I was pretty much eating everything in sight. Needless to say I felt awful and was bloated most of the time.

I didn’t cook much during this past month other than the basic breakfast egg white scrambled, rice or avocado toasts. Last week was my first week back to my regular diet and workout schedule, and if the rest of April goes like that I’ll be back on track. My friend introduced me to Boba tea and I loved it! it was however way too sweet for my liking as reducing my sugar intake is a major goal of mine. So I went on Amazon, got my Thai tea mix, black tapioca pearls and started making my own. I use Califia Toasted Coconut Almond Milk, stevia and Califia creamer, so my version is dairy free. I also had about 4 ounces of coffee to the mix for extra caffeine. Not sure when I’ll tire of this but for now I love it. You can find boba tea in Thai restaurants but they often use syrup and condensed milk in them and that’s just too much, but you can ask them to reduce the sugar and it’s usually pretty sweet and yummy.

cauliflower spanish riceI made my arroz con pollo with cauliflower rice inspired by this recipe.

Fitness – On the workout front I struggled as well, because I didn’t workout as much in March I was scared to loose some of the progress I’ve made as far as lifting heavier weights and all but I’ll I can do is get back at it. This is what my workouts look like for the past 4 weeks.

Week 1:

  • Monday: —–
  • Tuesday: Gymstyle Legs – Standing premix
  • Wednesday: —–
  • Thursday: —–
  • Friday: —–
  • Saturday: —–
  • Sunday: —–

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4

You do need workout equipment to do these, I have dumbbells ranging from 5lb to 30 lb, step with risers, resistance bands, barbell, stability ball, a bosu and gliding discs. I recently got this mat to protect the tile in my apartment.

Next Month Goals

  • Fitness – In April I don’t want to miss any workouts, I’m planning on going full on BEASTMODE.
  • More veggies  – Same as last month more veggies, less sugar and animal product.

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Stripes & Denim
Ruffle Lace Dress

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