White Top & Distressed Jeans Outfit
Stripes & Distressed

the best spring finds under 50

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Happy Friday guys! If you follow on snapchat you know my current situation, moving is full on happening and I cannot wait to be done. Today however I bring you the cutest Spring finds all at $50 or under.

Spring fashion is the best and it’s even better you find good deals. I got quite a bit of stuff lately but they were all on sale. I love a light little dress and this one is so cute. Pair it with you favorite sunnies and hat for Summer, or a denim jacket for Spring. As you may have realized by now a silky scarf or bandana is one of my favorite accessory.

I love my crossbody bag and a lighter color is perfect for the season, same with these wedges. This quilted bag is a beauty as well, perfect for a night out. I am loving the overalls I got last year and I found this cute one at around the same price. A little lace sheath dress is something that’s been on my list forever, they are really timeless.

Fun jewelry is always a must this bracelet, earrings and necklace are just adorable. I am also forever a denim girl so these shorts and distressed jeans have my vote. I had to include this drink holder floatie, so so cute.

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White Top & Distressed Jeans Outfit
Stripes & Distressed
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