Styling a Little White Dress
How to Wear Paper Bag Pants

Hey guys! Cheers to a new shopping season, it is officially Spring and I want ALL THE THINGS. I saved the past couple of months so that I could splurge a little. I also did a lot of ebaying from which made me over $1K, I still plan on spending less this year but I wanted a little buffer because this season is when I tend to find more things that I want. I’m super excited about everything I got this month and as a disclaimer my sister has a clothing store and was generous enough to get me a few things while she was buying for her store. I will have a hard tracking these items as I cannot always find them in stores or some are just not out yet. When I do wear them I’ll make sure to look for them or find similar items. For now I will track what I purchased or was gifted to me through blog partnerships.


I’ve been hoarding my Gap rewards for months, I had about $70 worth of rewards. So during a 40% off sale I was able to score this top and jumpsuit for $45. I was at Macy’s last weekend to pick up my foundation and look for culotte trousers, I somehow landed in the shoe section and got these blocked heel sandals. They were under $65 and I’ve been wearing them since. I took an impromptu trip to Madewell and scored these flats for $42, I also got this PJ top that I plan on wearing as a regular top. J.Crew made my favorite linen shirt in red and navy stripes this year, I patiently waited for them to go on sale. They are absolutely perfect! I really wanted a raffia bag and finally found the perfect one at Zara, if you follow me on snapchat or instagram I’m sure you’ve seen it. I also picked up these light grey trousers at Zara.




Through my partnership with Shopbop I get monthly gift-cards that I’ve been saving for the past few months to update my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I was also lucky to be able to get these pieces during their sale earlier this month. I carefully picked up every single piece and didn’t have to return anything.

  • Madewell Medium Transport Tote: I have the regular transport tote in cognac and needed a new black bag. That size is perfect and the extra pocket outside is so convenient.
  • AG High Rise Straight Jeans: I haven’t been purchasing jeans lately, I believe I have all the basic styles I need. Although I hate my current my jeans and I did want to get straight jeans and after trying several that didn’t work, this one was a keeper. I did have to go up one size, mine is a 27.
  • LNA Tank Dress: I got an LNA tee about 2 years ago and it is one of my fave and it’s still in excellent condition after several washes. So I picked the dress version that I am wearing here. I got a small.
  • LNA Stripe tee: Had to get the stripe version of my favorite tee as well. I got an extra-small.
  • Ferragamo Ballet Flats: I saw these and fell in love with the color, they are so soft and adorable. They fit true to size.
  • Shopbop Tiered Skirt: I wanted to add that style to my wardrobe and it’s a fun and flirty skirt. It is kind of short and true to size.

Plan for next month

Honestly I don’t see much shopping for me the next couple of months, I will be moving and furniture/home stuff shopping is very expensive. So I will not have extra shopping money for sure. I am however still waiting on a few items that I will review next month.

Wardrobe Tracking Spring/Summer 2017

Statement Pieces:
  • NEW Zara Raffia Bag

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Styling a Little White Dress
How to Wear Paper Bag Pants
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