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chrissy teigen pasta carbonara

Happy Friday guys! How are you guys holding up with those new year goals? I’m doing ok, I’ve been meal prepping as usual and on Sundays I always make sure to cook a special meal like this pasta above, it’s from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook and it came out so so good. I purchased this cookbook back in November and I love it, I still have so many recipes I need to try.

I also made this Chicken Tikka Masala and Short Rib Tacos on different Sundays and they were all amazing. The best thing is I always end up with lots of left overs from each meal to have a couple more servings for weeks to come.

Breakfasts are still my favorite meals and I’m sharing some examples of what I’ve made. The pic on the left is a typical weekend breakfast for me and the right is what I bring to work. The first one is an avocado toast on whole grain with a slice of tomato, 2 slices of turkey bacon and one egg. The second one is egg white scrambled with spinach, mushrooms and spices for taste, this time I added a couple of chicken sausage link sometimes I do turkey bacon (I always use the brand Applegate).breakfast prep

One of my overall goals was more fruits and veggies, that is still going well but my plan to have less dairy and animal products not so much. The past couple of weeks I kinda went back to my old ways but this week I’m determined to do better. My goal was to reduce my consumption of animal products not eliminate them completely so I know I can do it. Last weekend I picked up extra veggies to have as sides to my meals, I need to remember to take more pics to show you guys in the next monthly update. This past weekend was my sister’s birthday so I went out to eat more that I usually do.

Fitness – On the workout front I’m doing great, last month my goal was more weight training and I totally did that, I even picked up a couple new dumbbells to challenge myself further. I also picked a couple more workout dvds from Cathe, Butts & Guts and Lean Legs & Abs. Loving them so far. I’m not really tracking my wiehgt because I’m at a healthy weight right now but of course I’m vain so I’m always excited to see that I’ve shed a couple pounds. This time I didn’t BUT Cathe’s workouts are doing wonders for my legs I can totally see how they are getting firmer and the cellulite are less noticeable so I’m happy with that. This is what my workouts look like for the past 3 weeks.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

You do need workout equipment to do these, I have dumbbells ranging from 5lb to 30 lb, step with risers, resistance bands, barbell, stability ball, a bosu and gliding discs. I recently got this mat to protect the tile in my apartment.

Next Month Goals

  • Fitness – Keep up with weight training and really push myself, working out by myself is still a challenge and I have no one to motivate me but myself.
  • More veggies  – That’s pretty much it, I workout so hard already so cleaning up my diet will make a huge difference.




Striped Shirt & Skinny Jeans
Sunshine :: #HowISpring Link-Up

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