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Casual in Joggers and Sneakers

Happy hump day! I’m back with the work outfits, it’s been too cool to wear my skirts and I’m dying to wear the, again. I also decided to rename this series, I feel like it’s more simple and straight to the point.

I am sharing another round of business casual work outfits, these are exact outfits I wore to work. I just make sure to snap them before or after work. Keep in mind you can see some of them on instagram by searching the hashtag #PinksoleOOTD. If I inspire one of your outfits, feel free to tag me @Pinksole_Rach and use #PinksoleOOTD so that I can find you. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

I love these types of pants right now.

work outfit with joggers and ferragamo flats

cardigan // shirt // pants // flats // bracelet // watch

I’ve worn so many variation off this outfit it’s embarrassing, so happy to have a camel blazer again.

classic work outfit with camel blazer, striped shirt and black pants

blazer // shirt // belt // pants // flats // bracelet // watch

One of the few portofino shirts I kept after my second big purge, I just love this light pink.

work outfit with camel cardigan, pink shirt and olive pants

cardigan // shirt // pants // flats // necklace

A lot like this casual look right but this time with booties.

casual friday work outfit with striped tunic shirt, skinny jeans and suede booties

shirt // jeans // booties // bracelet




Living Room Inspiration Board
Casual in Joggers and Sneakers
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