Spring Fashion Trends 2017
Buffalo & Velvet

Happy hump day guys! Today is the last Wednesday of the month and I’m taking part of What’s Up Wednesday.whatsupwed1I’m answering all the questions below that applies to me.whatsupwed2

What I’m eating: This year I am making a conscious effort to have 5+ fruits and veggies serving per day, with that I also want to eat less animal products. I’ve switched to almond coconut milk a while ago, and I recently gave up yogurt and regular creamer. I’ve talked more about this in this post and I will be doing a monthly post to keep you guys updated and keep myself accountable.

What I’m loving: My at home workouts, I made it a point to not sign up for a gym or classes over a year ago and I’m so loving the fact that I can do a serious workout at home without leaving my place or spending extra money on a monthly basis. I recently looked up the prices of a new cycling studio that opened in my area and let’s just say I won’t be paying for any of that.

What I’m working on: I’ve said it before but I genuinely love blogging and creating fresh content, it is a work in progress so I’ve been really focused on improving this blog from all standpoints: quality, content, writing, photography etc… I even upgraded my camera this year, so you know I mean business lol. So far I’m doing good and staying on top of things, I found that I just had to learn to manage my time better in order to work and blog.

What I’m excited about: This year I get an extra week of vacation at work and I am so looking forward to use those extra days for when I need a break or just want to do something random.

What I’m watching/reading: For the longest time I totally gave up on TV and was doing excellent, but slowly I picked a few shows that I’m now obsessed with. This year I want to watch less TV so I will be cutting off some of them, although I am not giving up any of my HBO shows. Westworld really is THE BEST. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries, Netflix has tons of them and I started reading. Currently I’m reading The Nightingale, but I seem to be enjoying non fiction books the most so I don’t think I will pick up a new fiction any time soon. I also finished the couple next door and OMG it was so good.

What I’m listening to: My commute is much shorter now, not that I’m complaining but I don’t listen to music as much anymore. I am STILL obsessed with Bruno Mars – 24K Magic, I also love Chunky and Versace on the floor from the same album.

What I’m wearing: These are some of my latest work outfits.

classic work outfit navy field jacket striped sweater and lace up flats

jacket // sweater // skirt // flats // necklace // bracelets // watch

all black business casual outfit with kakhi jacket and red velvet booties

jacket // sweater // jeans // booties // bracelet // watch

casual work outfit with cardigan jeans and flats

cardigan // top // jeans // flats // necklace (vintage) // watch

how to wear olive cardo pants for work

cardigan // blouse // pants // flats // necklace // watch

What I’m looking forward to next month: Next month is my sister’s birthday so I’m brainstorming to find her a cool present because she always got me the best gifts since I was a little girl, maybe I’ll throw her a little surprise brunch not sure yet.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day guys!





Spring Fashion Trends 2017
Buffalo & Velvet

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