Buffalo & Velvet
Striped Tunic & Faux Leather Leggings

Happy Friday guys! I finally have a new wardrobe update for ya, if you read the last one you know I did a huge purge. I actually went back and purged a little bit more, it all got packed and sent to Haiti for donation. I did put a few bags on eBay so far I sold 3, and I have 3 more I plan on selling. Now I really love the current size of my closet and I really don’t want it to increase. I’m a blogger and I clearly love fashion so saying I will not shop at all is just unrealistic, but this year I don’t want to increase the amount of clothes I have. When I do decide to acquire something new I have to maybe sale or donate something. This month so far I got rid of 6 bags and purchased on skirt, so I’m on track.

This month I re-worked my budget and decreased the amount of fun money available to me (fun money to me is income that I use for entertainment or shopping, usually blog income and money made on eBay is part of that). Now I am sending almost all of that to a savings account, when I don’t have that amount available on my checking and I see something I like, well I just move on and forget about. The trick for me is to not have extra cash available to me. I’m no financial expert but if you want to build your savings or save money for a particular thing make sure that money is not even accessible to you, I know that’s what works for me. I split my income into different accounts. Like I really want a new red crossbody and I adore that one, so if I’m consistent with my saving and purging maybe I will splurge on it. I’ve found that when I’m more discipline with my spending I can easily justify splurging on something I really love, sites like Farfetch have great sales all the time so it’s worth it to shop less and get something special when they are having a great sale, like last year I scored my Valentino flats at 60% off and I never regretted getting them.

So this is what I kept, returned and was gifted this month.


One piece I really wanted was a mini denim skirt, soon it will be unbearably hot in South Florida and the current denim skirt I have just doesn’t always fit for the look I’m going for. This one has raw hems and is high waisted, it fits perfectly through the hips but I have to get the waist taken in a little. It’s also under $40


Made no returns this month.


To know me is to know my love for avocados, I was making avocado toast before that was even a thing. Growing up I made avocado sandwiches all the time because I grew up close to a bakery and freshly made bread and avocado is a match made in heaven. Caryl got me this tee knowing my obsession, it’s so soft and cute. I’ve washed it already and the quality is excellent.

I jokingly told my sister I wanted a Gucci belt for Christmas, I know how expensive it is and I really wasn’t serious. She surprised me with it on Christmas morning and I absolutely love it and I’m so thankful.

Plan for next month

I still need to list some more stuff on eBay that I don’t use as much and with that income I plan on picking up some new stuff for Spring. Nothing crazy I really want a couple cute light dresses for work and maybe a new romper or jumpsuit for play. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Wardrobe Tracking Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Statement Pieces:
  • 88 pieces of clothing 
  • 7 clutches
  • 1 Tote bag
  • 14 pairs of shoes
  • NEW 4 J.Crew Pencil Skirt
  • NEW Few jewelry pieces
  • NEW Vince, Tory Burch & Michael Kors Bags.

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Buffalo & Velvet
Striped Tunic & Faux Leather Leggings

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