Wardrobe Tracking Update - Fall/Winter 2016-2017
Best of 2016 Part One

OMG you guys this is the last week of 2016. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate, mine was good and Santa was nice to me. I don’t really want to shop but I do want to check the after Christmas sales just to make sure I don’t miss out.

AG Jeans is having their Semi-Annual sale (up to 40% off), and I’m totally sold on them, I got a pair and love it.

ASOS massive sale over there, up to 50% off.

Amazon has the cutest activewear, loving this sports bra and leggings.

Express also has 50% off everything.

Gap has 40% off your purchase with code MERRY and you guys know I love their jeans.

J.Crew has 40% off with code GIFT, I got my mom and sister pieces from J.Crew and it was a great success. They don’t shop there as much as I do.

Loft has 50% off everything, I love this top so much.

Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly sale with up to 50% off,

I wanted to share a bunch of random things that I loved in 2016, from fashion, beauty, food, everything. In no particular order of preference, so here are my 2016 Favorites.

  1. I never talk about undergarments, but they are so important right? Well let me introduce you to my two favorite bras, the Natori feather contour bra and Nubian skin strapless bra (guys this bra does not move, it is worth every penny). I only wear these two brands and random bralettes depending on what I’m wearing.
  2. I love my wine, but I have a strict grocery budget so I can’t be buying expensive bottles every week. If you love Reisling, Trader Joe’s hads a fab bottle by Blue Fin that is only $4.99 **drops mic**. Find more info in this post.
  3. The world’s softest fabric goes to Gap softspun collection, I’m currently wearing one as I am writing this post.
  4. My favorite app this year is Clue without a doubt, I also love how discreet the logo is. No one will know you can track your monthly visit and more with it.
  5. This year I got a ban.do planners and I must say I love it! So much so I got one for my sister as well for Christmas.
  6. This blog is fairly new to me but I am obsessed with, so much wisdom. A must read! Start here.
  7. OK I must mentioned this because I am completely in love with mine, I got the Dyson Supersonic hoping I would return it but this dryer is a game changer. Now I can do my hair in 15 minutes or less. I could justify getting it because this year I completely eliminated my weekly visits to the hair salon. I did the math and that saved me tons of dinero.
  8. I tried so many foundations in 2016, but I can gladly say I found THE ONE, Chanel did it for me and for reference I’m #152.
  9. I’ve tried several snacks this year and sooner or later I always end up moving on, the Bollywood Popcorn from Trader Joe’s is where it’s at.
  10. I started drinking Kombucha this year, yes I’m basic lol. The Synergy Mystic Mango is all time favorite, I have it every single day.

Please share with me what are some of your favorite things in 2016?


Wardrobe Tracking Update - Fall/Winter 2016-2017
Best of 2016 Part One
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