Classic with a twist
What's Up Wednesday + Office Style

Hey guys! It’s that time again, I don’t these posts often unless I have new products that I feel you must know about. So I wiped up this one to avoid having to do one later with too much stuff, so this is what I’m loving lately.

Bioderma sent me a few products to try and I have been loving their makeup remover. I love my long lasting matte lipsticks but they don’t come off easily so when I use my wipes I often have stained lips even after taking a shower and washing my face. This makeup remover does the trick, and this huge bottle will last forever.

I’ve been wanting to try this but I went to a brunch sponsored by Bumble & Bumble and this anti humidity gel oil was in my goodie bag. Humidity is my #1 enemy but gel does dry my hair out, this one is the best because it is very moisturizing and doesn’t leave that white residue. Will for sure repurchase.

I did a little Memebox haul on snapchat a while back, this is my favorite mask from all the ones I picked out. The Egg white pore mask really makes your skin look smooth and clear. I use it weekly, get 20% off Memebox when you use this link.

You guys know I love Origins and I don’t know why I took so long to get Drink-Up, it’s an overnight mask and when you wake in the morning your skin looks so fresh, rested and radiant. I am amazed when I wake up in the morning after this mask, I love doing it specially when I had a really long day. I got a travel size but I’m for sure getting the full size next.

The Body Shop was kind enough to send me this mask pack, I am obsessed with it. Every single mask is amazing and does the work, if you are new to at home masks, I strongly recommend starting with these. Right now they have 40% off sitewide.





Classic with a twist
What's Up Wednesday + Office Style
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